ERP Trends: Future of Enterprise Resource Planning


Every company mostly focuses on making some investments in the things from which they can be succeeded and to make the company reach great heights. It is not only money-used software that makes money for the companies. It is also helpful for major businesses like accounts, markets, manufactured products, human resource fields, etc. Generally, ERP trends are used to provide different typical solutions which help their company to get a good experience in the research and to be successful in the marketing field. If you are interested in this field then you can use Workday Training to explore your future in ERP.

ERP Trends

There are many enterprise resource planning softwares trends but here we have specified some of the trends. They are:

1) Cloud Computing

Nowadays cloud computing is the software that is known to everyone in an exact manner. It is the software that provides a high capacity of storage in the cloud platform and can be in the online mode which can easily be accessed from anywhere. Here, ERP provides cloud businesses for all ranges from tiny to large. Also, the automation is done here and is easy to put the cheap cost for this and which is very fast compared to other software.

There are several benefits with the cloud computing models which give suggestions to tiny business companies. The solutions which are given by cloud computing are made for these tiny business companies who do not maintain their intellectual things. It also makes little use of the IT field. These will become a good benefit for the people in the IT field for these small organizations.

2) Internet Of Things (IOT)

Internet Of Things (IOT) is the bunch of devices that are connected in a network area in which both the cloud and the devices are used in that network. Here, the data is integrated in a directed manner for a machine. It gives a very good process of managing the assets, weather forecasts also being provided, providing good business strategies, Improved communication ways, and many more. In fact, it made some automated vehicles with respect to modern technology and using Artificial Intelligence, and many more.

3) Advanced Technology

Technology is advanced these days because everyone is getting advanced day by day. In the business field, technology is getting more advanced to solve complex problems and make sure that customers are satisfied at each and every step. This helps to make businesses solve several problems which need to fix and replace the typical problems for the customers. It proves that it gives plenty of services and gets user satisfaction for everything.

4) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides us with doing the work or tasks by a computer or by any robot. There will be no work done by humans but the intelligence of the human gets increased in a very big manner.

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of many technologies like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, and many more. Here, voice recognition can be done and the recommendations will be given to the user based on their interest in which they have watched before.

5) ERP in a Mobile

Nowadays everyone who is living in this world is using mobile devices because we can see that the whole world is present in our hands itself. We can access the world with just a mobile which is just under 20cm in length.

All people are using at least one mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. There will be no knowledge needed for the people they will develop their knowledge on this basis itself. Everyone is getting aware of businesses, accounts, and some other marketing concepts.

6) Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing deals with many concepts of business development to get more things and to be successful in the corporate field. It deals with sales and many more things like content writing, business development, and many more.

It helps not only large businesses but also for small businesses to get their product sales in a very big manner. Also, it focuses on social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more.

7) Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis is also very important in our life. Since it deals with the predictions which are very much required to analyze the other companies business strategies it helps to overcome them.

It helps to know what happens in the future and to overcome them in what manner. In fact, with this, we can easily know the maximum budget for our next project or next investment to develop your company.


In this blog, we have seen the trends in an ERP systems like Cloud Computing, Internet Of Things (IOT), Advanced Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ERP in mobile, Digital Marketing, and Predictive Analysis. ERP solutions are used to solve typical real-time complex problems to get solutions and to be successful in the corporate field.

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