Franchisee Management

Franchisee Management

Effectively decentralised operating with skilful centralised control.

We offer flawless franchise management system that counters its complicated nature and streamlines business operations.


Franchisors have invested millions in creating their outstanding, turn-key business model. Despite this, franchisees typically do a poor job of managing leads, optimizing their facilities, and maximizing the company’s revenue potential. Keep that in mind We at Nevpro Business Solution have developed an Out of the box Franchisee Management system solution

Our Feature Of Nevpro’s Franchisee Management System


Territory management

Outlining franchises as per the need

Optimal territories for the concern niche

Internal communication system

Security of data

Consolidated Marketing

Identification of potential customers

Creating leads

Improved local credit & sentiment score

Well organised campaigns


Improved Sales

Following potential leads

360 degree of customer activities

Track your sales pipeline

close view of deal stages

Mass interaction with customers

Inventory Management

Elimination of waste

Tracking all assets on one platform

Locating your inventory


Centralised Monitoring

Tracking  all activities of concern area

Conflict resolution

Ensuring the maintained standards

sustained uniformity