Requirement Gathering for ERP Implementation

Requirement Gathering for ERP Implementation

ERP Requirement Gathering undoubtedly is the foundation of the whole implementation process. In fact, it determines the success or failure of the growth of a company which is data analysis and performance.


You must acknowledge the efforts put in in the making of customized ERP module. But at the end, you’ll realise that the game is worth the candle!


It is a very crucial phase of implementation as it determines an important of aspect of the growth of a company which is data analysis and performance.


You can not merely leap out the requirement procedure and jump in the implementation process.


ERP is the most complex and perplex software system that ironically eases the whole process of your organisation!


You would not want an incorrectly interpreted information to waste the money invested and months of hard work put in.


Once the requirements have been assembled and prioritized, the project team is all set to send a request for information (RFI).


Now that we know the importance of ERP Requirement Gathering let’s get to the fundamental question which is How?


How to gather requirements for implementing ERP software gathering?


You have to specify the problems and the solutions you would want to be implemented to solve those problems.


You must know what exactly you need. Consultants solely rely on the information provided by you and recommend add-ons and changes, which could give even better than you have analyzed. The process may take months to get it all done as you would see the result and improvise on it.


To put it better, here are a few steps which would ease your process of information and data collection.


Devise a strategic plan


The first step is to devise a strategic objective, taking in inputs from every functional group of your organization.


It would include your set of targets and the problems faced by every department.


You would have to consider the role of ERP solution in resolving those problems. By this, making a list of issues and the possibility of ERP Solution solving the problem.


Consider external requirements


ERP Software Solution indeed takes care of every aspect of the company including the problems that customers face. You should do an introspection of the company. Cover the factors and complications of ERP as well.


Recommendations from all the functions


ERP, the acronym Enterprise Resource Planning, in itself, is enough to clear that ERP is an enterprise level software. It does not confine itself to particular departments or a specific procedure but works for the entire organization as a whole.


Consult experts to undermine the problems of every department. You would not want any unit to be undervalued or ignored while gathering requirements.


At the same time, you would not want a particular process to dominate the requirements. Every section has its problems and value. Besides, there might be better solutions which would fasten the pace of functioning of every department.


Keeping all these factors in mind, make sure that all the functions run efficiently and contribute to the success of the ERP and growth of the company.


Prioritise your requirements


ERP software solution requirement process must include review sessions with people involved.


Requirements should be categorised into three groups:


  • Must Have,
  • Value-add
  • Nice to have.

It would help segregate the implementation.


In the initial phase, the necessary elements are dealt first. Include the backbone systems that each of your company departments requires for their operations.


In the second phase, the add-ons could be introduced to optimise the process. These are the features which add value to data collected and consolidate the information received into add-on benefits.


Finally, the last phase would include the nice-to-have features to ease the work and improve the productivity and efficiency of processes.


The time and money at stake and the consequences associated leaves no place for mistakes and errors.


The whole process sounds simple. Doesn’t it? However, according to panorama, most of the companies fail to gather ERP software efficiently and on time which is a significant cause for ERP Implementation failure at the date. You should take some time, perform extensive research, monitor the requirement, company performance and then only get our feet’s in the processes. If you get the elements right, the remaining steps in the process will fall into place as you continue the journey. It is only foolish to jump in straight into implementation without thorough research.


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