Drilling Down From One Dashboard To Another Through Url Change

The following blog is about the linking of two dashboards based on URL change.There are certain points of time when the business user comes up with the requirement of linking two different dashboards based on certain parameters.In that case Pentaho gives us a predefined option to achieve the same output.

The following document briefs you on the same.

Firstly we created two dashboards namely Region_wise Analysis and City_wise Analysis. Our goal is to link these two dashboards through URL so that when I click on any of the country in the Bar chart of Country_wise Analysis the chart should drill down to city_wise Analysis showing up the individual sales of each city in that particular country.


Inorder to link the two dashboards we need to make the barchart in the region-wise anaylsis clickable and in the clickaction property we defined a javascirpt function setparam() which will set the parameter value to a variable value ‘param_country’ which will store the country value and pass the country value to the other dashboard.

Now in the other dashbaord city_wise Analysis we used a custom parameter component from the Generic tab in which we have defined a javascript function getParam() which will fetch the param_country parameter from the first dashboard thereby changes being made according to the change in the previous countrywise barchart.

4.When you click on any of the country in barchart in the first dashboard the other dashboard opens up driiling down to the city_wise sales of that particular country.The following screenshot shows the param_country value carrying the country value in the URL section which is in this case France and the subsequent cities with their individual sales in the below Barchart.