• Multiple Email Accounts
  • Company and Personal Email accounts
  • Security
  • Email Folders (Inbox.Outbox.Drafts etc)
  • Sending of Mails via SMTP (SMTP SSL also supported)
  • Reception of Mails (IMAP and POP3) With SSL and Folders for IMAP supported
  • Simple one point Template designer which automatically updates system. No extra config req.
  • Automatic Email feature on workflow stages.

Download Powermail

For OpenERP 7.0

The PowerMail Module has been Modified by “Nevpro Business Solutions Pvt Ltd” for Odoo 8.0 Power Email – extends the most Powerfull open source ERP with email which powers the world today.

Restrict Multiple Sign in for Same User

The security aspects of odoo mentioning that a user with proper credentials could login from multiple machines / devices at the same time. This, according to them, should not be allowed within the ERP system. If a user has already logged in, the ERP should not allow another login attempt from the same userid, until the user has logged off from his existing session or the lifetime of the user session (which has been made to 2 minutes) has expired. If the session is active (browser of the user is not closed, user is still working on the system), the expiry date of the cookie will keep on getting incremented. By default.

Odoo stores session details at the client side, in this module we have made the session details to be managed at the server side.

The Restrict Multiple Sign in for Same User Module has been Developed by “Nevpro Business Solutions Pvt Ltd” for Odoo 8.0 Module to Restrict Multiple Sign in for Same User in Odoo.

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