Custom ERP Solutions

A feature-rich ERP for your business

Do you feel overwhelmed managing your business with multiple outdated software applications? Are you looking for an efficient way to integrate all your enterprise resources together in one system?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the best solution for modern businesses to have complete control of their operations. An ERP system is designed to help businesses streamline and automate their processes. If you want to make the most out of it, Nevpro has the team and resources to help you. Our innovative approach and experienced team ensure our customers have a smooth experience from start to finish. These custom solutions take advantage of cutting-edge technologies so customers can be sure they are getting the best value for money for their business. Keep reading about why we are your best provider when it comes to custom ERP services.

What Is A Custom ERP?

Businesses often find themselves struggling with managing their data across multiple applications, platforms, and tools. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes – a Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. But what does it do?

An ERP system is a comprehensive software solution built to help businesses manage core functions such as operations, finance and accounting, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking, and more – all on one platform. Moreover, it also helps streamline the back-office processes within an organization.

Our custom ERP solution simplifies operations by integrating essential business functions into one easy-to-use platform. 

Custom ERP Solutions

Benefits of Custom ERP

The purpose of this custom module is to provide comprehensive customer service solutions tailored specifically to meet your company’s specific needs. Check out how our Custom ERP Solutions can make a difference and help you get ahead in the race:

Higher operational efficiency​

Custom ERP services provide higher
operational efficiency due to their
customized reporting, automation,
& scalability capabilities.

Automated processes​

ERP solutions are designed to automate many of the manual business operations within an organization. This means that tedious & time-consuming tasks can be done in simple steps.

Improved customer experience

Customized ERP solutions help enhance customer experiences through efficient service delivery systems & personalized interfaces with access to accurate information.

Scalable solutions

Custom ERP solutions offer great scalability when it comes to accommodating changes in current procedures within an organization or adapting new ones with increased complexity over time.

Increased security

By deploying custom ERP systems, you get advanced security features from the ground up, which help protect all process integration data from threats as well as reduce risks due to human negligence or malicious intent.

Save Money

By investing in our quality custom ERP
solution, you’re able to reap benefits
not just immediately but also in the long
run by reducing operational overhead
costs via automated processes or
increasing revenue spurred.

Have a project in mind?

Custom ERP Modules

HRMS Module

Human Resource Manager (HRM)

Our enterprise resource planning software is used for managing employee information such as attendance tracking, payroll processing, benefits administration, etc.,

Finance Module

Accounting & Financials

Our Custom ERP solutions can help streamline processes such as automated invoicing, payment collection, vendor management, and more.

Open source for your business

Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturers using this module typically see improved resource utilization and decreased lead times while also controlling quality standards.

Sales Modules

Sales & Marketing Automation

When done right, customized sales and marketing automation will help you reduce costs while increasing sales efficiency.

All in one Module

Purchase Module

Allows track of available stocks, purchase, sales, transfer goods etc. You can check the real time status of your stocks.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Module

With Supply Chain Management module, custom ERP automates complex processes like production, demand, planning, procurement, shipment and many more.

Warehouse Management System

Inventory & Warehouse Management

This helps business owners to better predict demand and eliminate manual errors associated with traditional inventory techniques.

CRM Module

CRM Module

Work better on customer interactions with CRM module. It helps in customer retention rate, customer loyalty & increases business network.

Project Module

Project Module

Develop project strategy with a clear pipeline overview. The Project Module helps in balancing multiple tasks and timelines effortlessly.

Event Module

Event Module

Never loose track of upcoming events, meetings, briefings with event scheduling assistance. Sync with your ERP system for easy management.

Functions of ERP

Service & Support Module

The purpose of this custom module is to provide comprehensive customer service solutions tailored specifically to meet your company’s specific needs.

ERP Development Process

We are following the below-mentioned development process that can help you achieve the desired result:

Establishment of user requirements

Design & development of the architecture and components

Integration and customization of third-party components

Quality testing, training, and deployment

Industries ERP Solutions Are Covering


Wholesale & Distribution


Professional Services

Public Sector

Transportation And Logistics



Who Can Opt For Custom ERP Solutions


All Business Size


All Business Types


All Business Departments

Get Customized ERP for Your Business

Why Choose Nevpro Business Solutions?

Here are reasons why you should choose us for customized ERP software solutions for your business needs:
  1. We provide custom ERP solutions tailor-made to the exact needs of your business. Our experienced development team can quickly identify the best practices for managing operations, accounting, and other data processing activities to ensure better performance for your company.
  2. We have proven expertise and experience in delivering integrated ERP solutions, including robust support for customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). 
  3. Our comprehensive approach to design offers extensive flexibility so that customization is always possible. Whether you require a major overhaul or just minor updates, our talented team can deliver intuitive, customised solutions in no time at all.
End to End Integration

End to End Integrations

Expert Consultation

Expert Consultation

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

User Friendly

User Friendly experience

Tailor Made Solutions

Tailor made Solutions

24/7 Support

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A custom ERP system offers a number of advantages, such as improved collaboration and productivity, increased efficiency, greater oversight, custom analytics and reporting capabilities, and more.

A custom ERP system is designed to fit the specific needs of a business and is tailored to its specific processes, whereas off-the-shelf software is a one-size-fits-all solution that may have generic features and functionalities.

We can help you with Custom ERP services that include consulting, ERP implementation, training, and support for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.