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Today’s patient is like a client, they expect effective treatment, responsive staff, great stay experience and they have a trusted and favourite healthcare provider. Therefore, to match their expectations and demands, we at Nevpro have developed a solution for healthcare providers to be better marketers.
Moreover, we help healthcare to be more interactive when it comes to retaining clients and to find new clients. However, from e-mails to a chat session on a social media channel, co-ordinate between service care providers to customer care executive to give the client the best experience possible for them. Retaining patients are at a higher rate with our solution, by combining various data metrics such as patient demographics, clinical data, appointment history, hospital interaction history and more to come up with an approach to better engage and acquire new patients and retain old patients by providing a better experience.


Features of Healthcare CRM Software



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Targeted Implementation

Whatever the expectation from your side maybe? Be it acquiring new patients, retaining new patients or better managing them. We can help you to reach your goal.

Agile Software Development


We can integrate our solution with your existing infrastructure to give the familiarity of the old with our new cutting edge solutions.


Appointment Management

Track appointments from the point of filling up of details on a form to when they reach your establishment. Automate notifications messages to follow up messages.

Unifying Channels

We can unify your patient incoming channels from phone calls, social media channels, emails and mobiles apps. All communications can be accessed through a single inbox.

Auto-Assign Appointments

Depending upon the requirements, our solution can auto-assign patients to doctors according to their needs, thus speeding up an otherwise time-consuming process.

Agent Module

Patient records

Safe keep patient records with our solution, the data can be furthermore categorized from basic information to diagnostic history for maximum privacy and security.


MCI Compliance

We follow guidelines as given by the Medical Council of India when it comes to data security. We go above and beyond the industry standards when it comes to compliance.

Accurate Reporting


Get real-time insights on what’s working for you and what’s not working for you. Analyze the effectiveness of different marketing activities, and get better ROI


Key Benefits Of Healthcare CRM



Our CRM for Healthcare is an asset for any organization, while you cure, our solution gives you the ability to market yourself better to a demographics whose expectations outpace the availability.
Advantages of ERP


Portal Developer


Advantages of ERP







Who Needs A Healthcare CRM?




Speciality Hospitals


Psychiatric Hospital


Rehabilitation Hospital


Why Choose Nevpro As Your Hospital CRM Software Provider?

After consulting with experts from the field of healthcare, thus we have understood the nuances of the sector. From MCI companies to laws protecting doctor-patient confidentiality, therefore we have a solution which emboldens th ethics behind the healthcare profession. We @ Nevpro have professionals who have created a tailor-made solution for hospitals with the precision of scalpel instead of a sword.

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Affordable Prices

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