CRM Software for Financial Advisors

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CRM Software for Financial Advisors

Financial advisor

The term financial advisor has changed a lot, it used to mean someone was involved in sales of products and services of a financial institution. So in those cases a simple CRM was more than enough for their activities, nowadays financial advisors are giving actual advice instead of sales pitches. Therefore, this means that a financial advisor needs a solution which can manage more than his/her contacts and this is where Nevpor’s CRM for financial advisors comes in. Moreover, a financial advisor of today is expert in financial planning and asset management, a finance advisor’s client is no longer from the same area code, he/she has clients from across the world with different requirements and different portfolios at different states of client interaction and client onboarding. Therefore, Nevpor’s CRM for financial advisors is made for the financial gurus of today.

Features of CRM Software for Financial Advisors




Contacts Management

With just one click, get a comprehensive view of your contacts, get information on their emails, phone calls, chats and more.


Project Management

Keep everyone in team on the same page with Nevpro’s CRM for Financial Advisors simple but intuitive project management module.


Collaborate Better

With Nevpro’s CRM for Financial Advisors collaboration board, share updates and communicate better with everyone on a single platform.

Agent Module

Workflow Customization

Don’t follow the herd, create and customize your own workflow or one of ours with levels of automations and auto replies, and more.


Better Scheduling

Given the numbers of clients at different time zones and with different preference for communication, our scheduling module can take care of it all.

Custom PHP Development


Love your existing messenger or calendar? Our CRM for Financial Advisors can integrate multiple third party apps out of the box.

PHP Web Development

Report Generation

Just with one click, generate reports with visual elements such as graphs and charts to give you a better idea about your workflow.


Two factor authentication, multiple level but encryption, session timeout auto logout and more, our CRM for Financial Advisors is securly sound.


Key Benefits Of Nevpro’s CRM For Financial Advisors

Being a good finance advisor is all about being good at relationships and explaining difficult concepts, this is easier said than done, that is why Nevpro’s CRM For Financial Advisors is our effort to address many issues faced by financial advisors who we are happy to call us as our clients. 

Collaborate Better


Secure Client Information

Custom PHP Development

Improved Integrations

Flawless Communication

Communicate Better

Automated Workflows

Customizable Workflows


Who Can Opt For Our Property-based Software?



Finance Advisors


Advisors Groups


Financial Enterprises


Why Choose Nevpro’s CRM for Financial Advisors? 


Working with our clients who are in the industry gave us insight into the issues they faced, we on the other hand developed this solution to solve the existing problems and provide value added services to them as well. Moreover, we implement more solid security protocols, integrated multiple third application integrations options, and more.   



For financial advisers, a CRM has to manage their contacts, their meeting schedules, a calendar which is easy to use, integrate with their existing service and the ability to customise the product to their liking and their workflow. Therefore, Nevpro’s CRM for financial advisors has been created after consultation and discussions with many financial advisors of all levels within the industry. Our CRM for financial advisors can customize our solution to their workflow, our CRM solutions for financial advisors can be integrated with many third party applications such as Slack for messaging or Google calendar. Our idea is that our solution shouldnt be completely upending the existing workflow but instead our product will integrate into their existing workflow.  

Learning something is more subjective than objective, but we have designed our CRM for financial advisors in such a way that it can be integrated to many third party applications such as microsoft teams and google services, making our CRM for financial advisors more intuitive than our competition. The learning curve is generally on the lower side 

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