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Which constructor and contractor don’t want their sales team to be active, marketing team expansive, construction teams are building projects safer and smarter? If these are an issue or issue you as a construction company and or as a contactor facing? We at Nevpro have understood the needs and have built a CRM for a contractor and a CRM for construction. Construction companies and contractors are either sweating on sites or are buried under paperwork inside the office, we have created a solution for easier paperwork, efficient teams, better project management, and more. Moreover, from creating estimates to invoices to multiple vendors we have understood and studied the nuances of the industry to put our best foot forward to address those issues. Therefore, there is a need to have clear communication, we are not talking marketing, we are talking about customers, vendors, banks, staff, regulatory authorities, and more. Therefore, with Nevpro’s Construction & Contractor CRM software, be better and efficient at what you do. 

Features of Nevpro’s CRM For Construction & Contractors


Portal Developer

Project Management

There are always multiple projects at different stages of completion, billing, approvals and more. Be updated 24/7 with our solution.

Agile Software Development

Document Management

There are lots of documents a single project generates, invoices, estimates, approvals, and safety protocols. Find and track each of them with ease.

Website Content


Be it meeting with clients, visits to sites, or a sit down with authorities, always find time to do everything with our intelligent calendar feature.


Team management

Assign and track tasks which are done, yet to be completed and future from a single interactive and informative dashboard.


Be it internal communications, leads, client communications and information exchange with authorities, access all communication segregated according to different metrics.

Custom PHP Development

Constructions Memos

Track changes, invoices, safety protocols to be followed, customer requirements and more all from a single dashboard at your convenience.

Sales and Marketing

Get real-time information about your sales and marketing activities, know what is working and not working for your business.


Share Drive

Share drawings, plans, and more with our feature where photos can be shared safely and securely without any worries over leaks and data breaches.

Key Benefits Of Nevpro’s CRM For Construction & Contractors


Nevpro’s CRM for construction & CRM for contractors has been created after consultation with industry leaders and experts. Infact, we understood the complexities and nuances of the construction companies and contractors. Whereas, we have added industry-specific features such as security documentation features, invoice tracking features, and more. 


Better Project Management

Easy Collaboration

Better Document Management

Expert Consultation

Better Communication

Real time Information

Better Time Management

Interacting Website

Better Team Management

Website Development

Better Insights

Why Choose Nevpro’s CRM For Construction & CRM for Contractors

The construction industry is competitive and complex at the same time, the industry is bound by time constraints, security constraints and is driven by customer satisfaction like many others. Therefore, we have created features which directly caters to the needs of construction and contractors, from sales features which can track leads over a long time as it is with industry to marketing features which counts the local influence on the properties.    

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Minimal Time

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Expert Consultation

Affordable Price

Affordable Prices

Flawless Communication

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In the construction industry, the customer is different when compared with other industries. This is why Nevpro’s CRM for construction and CRM for a contractor is a better choice for any construction company and contractor who is eyeing growth in this industry. We have adjusted features found in a normal CRM to address the issues found in this industry. For example, the sales module has been changed to become adjusted to the long sales cycle found in this industry. The marketing module has to be customized to track the effectiveness of above the line advertising as well. Since most of the marketing is limited to a specific to geographic area normal marketing module which tracks below the line marketing effectiveness cannot be used. Nevpro’s CRM for construction and CRM for contractors is custom-designed with keeping in mind the difference between contractors and construction and other industries.   

When it comes to construction and contractors, CRMs need to balance between addressing management related activities and sales and marketing activities. Nevpro’s CRM for construction and CRM for contractors has the perfect balance between helping to manage the projects more efficiently by having specific features. Features like construction memos help contractors to track the changes requested by the customers, the status of invoices and billings can give ideas of delivery of raw materials. The enhanced communication feature can help them to differentiate between communication between different parties. The safety feature helps in documentation to clear any red tapes related to safety protocols. 

When it comes to CRM for construction, go for a CRM like Nevpro’s construction CRM software, this solution comes with features which help construction companies to manage a project as well help with sales and marketing activities. A construction company is a business which relies on third party business such as raw material suppliers, insurance companies, safety and compliance bodies and more. Nevpro’s CRM for construction comes with a communication module which can be used can be customed to categorize messages, with a custom inbox messages can divided accordion to priority, sender, expected replay and more. 

When it comes to contractors, they usually hired by government and public authorities for building public projects. This means that contractors need a CRM like Nevpro’s Contractor CRM Software which comes with features dedicated to tracking documenting safety protocols. This is a very important feature for contractors as their remuneration depends upon following these codes to the letter.

When it comes to marketing in construction, things are little when compared with other industries. The sales cycle is way longer due to the large sums involved in the transaction or building a house or office is once in a lifetime project so they take their own time to decide. So the marketing activities are also different, usually, it is highly dependent on above the line marketing consists of print, radio, tv, billboards and the like. Putting stalls in property expos and conventions is also a common practice in this industry as well. So tracking the efficiency of marketing activities is also different and we have customized our solution it as well. 

When it comes to normal CRM, they are designed with sales and marketing as the end goal. A normal CRM does not come with lots of features catering to operational aspects of an organization. Usually, they come an ability to generate reports related to employee efficiency, sales numbers and marketing efficiency and nothing in the way of managing the company itself. For example in a CRM for construction and CRM of contractors, there features specifically catering to the creation of estimations and bids, something which is found any CRMs. Again, in a CRM for construction and CRM of contractors there features catering to the fulfilment of safety protocols, something not found in your run of the mill CRM.

Yes, our solution comes with a feature to help you with subcontracting, with already made SLA documents, work order documents and quality assurance contact as well. We have consulted with industry leaders to create a solution which addresses all their issues. There are financial features which track all invoices and billings to make sure that you dont go over your estimated budget. Our solution also follows the tax and trade compliance in your region, like our CRM for contractors is customizable the region where the solution is used doesn’t matter.  

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