CRM for Banks 

For A Better Banking Experience

Banking is one of the industries which seen some big disruptions in recent times, from the emergence of mobile banking to the digital currency, Banking is still undergoing many changes as we speak. Many different financial institutions have sprung up all across the country which specializes in different banking services such as gold loans, small business loans and more. While these institutions cannot challenge banks in the number of different services a bank provides but they can attract customers from banks who use their services now. Nevpro’s CRM for banks can make a difference in banks with accelerated approvals for loans and new accounts, help in creating tailor-made products and services for different clients, as well. While the technology inside the banks has changed, many of the approaches to create new customers and retain customers still seems to be in the 20th century, thankfully Nevpro’s CRM for banks is from 21th Century.

Features of Nevpro’s CRM for Banks 



Better Data Management

Get every critical data from a central repository, analyze and predict customer behaviour to create better products.

Accurate Reporting

Better Analysis

Get insights from purchasing patterns to preferred payment methods to target and categorize customers.

Agile Software Development

Workflow Management

Create a custom workflow which works from you, choose your target audience and the services to market them.

Risk Management

Nevpro’s CRM for banks avoid customers with low credit score and those who have a history of late payments.


Customer Satisfaction

Get feedback from the customers in real-time to know where you are lagging and what is working for you.

PHP Web Development

Loyalty Management

The best way to retain and engage customers is to have robust loyalty management, this is the best way to have the best customer experience.

Quicker Onboarding

From verifying documents to checking credit history and more, cut down on your onboarding time with Nevpro’s CRM for banks.

Agent Module

Marketing Strategies

Get detailed insights into what is working for your marketing campaigns, allocate resources into best marketing campaigns and experiment with new ones as well.


Key Benefits Of Nevpro’s CRM For Banks



Banking is a complex business where the customer’s confidence is what is needed. With Nevpro’s CRM for banks, create better marketing campaigns, create custom services and products, in short, be bank what your customer expects you to be.


Advantages of ERP



Advantages of ERP







Why Nevpro’s Crm For Banks?

Nevpro’s CRM for banks has been created with inputs from industry leaders consisting of marketing managers, salespeople, and delivery managers. We have tried to address every they faced and also add some features which they wished they had with their solution.

We Promise 


Minimal Time

End to End Integrations

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Expert Consultation

Affordable Price

Affordable Prices

Flawless Communication

User Friendly experience

Tailor made Solutions


24/7 Helpline




In any customer focussed industry, CRM plays an important role in sales, marketing and client communication. CRM will be useful in segmenting the market which can be used to create custom products and services which can cater to their specific needs. Below are some of the ways how a CRM can help a bank to grow.

Quicker Applications

Give your customer to quickly apply to your products and services, make the process digital with Nevpro’s CRM for banks solution. If someone is not net savvy, our solution can be used by the bank employees to maintain the level of trust associated with your bank as well.  

Quicker Approvals 

With our integrated database feature, we get the credit history, credit score and repayment history of the client with a couple of clicks. Our automated risk management feature automatically flags problematic clients with sketchy credit history.

Smoothest Experience 

From sales to marketing, Nevpro’s CRM for banks combines many different banking operations into a single seamless dashboard. Get insights into current sales and marketing activities, see the performance of individual employees to know who is generating the best results for you.

DIY Customers

Give the customers the ability to pick and choose the products and services they wish, give them the option to customize the products and services as well. Deliver the power to choose from the comfort of their home as well for the best possible results.

Preferred Communication Channels

Be where you are customers are, from telephone calls to emails and social media or physical walkins at the bank’s branch, track and manage every lead irrespective of the channel from where the lead was generated from.   

Automated Messages

Get the power to send automated messages to customers, be it acknowledging messages to a query they generated or to give regular updates about the status of an application to your product or service. Wishing them on festivals and holidays also foster a positive relationship between your customers and your bank.

Lead Scoring

Banks need to respond to a lot of queries from customers who are patrons of the banks and customers who are not, sometimes the leads are first customers to your products and services.  With Nevpro’s CRM for banks, every lead can be stored on many different metrics, from good credit history to good loan repayment history and a new customer to banking. This ability to score leads effectively reduces the time of the sales cycle and resources related to sales as well. 

Bank CRMs are a dime a dozen on the market, but how do you choose a CRM for banks which can be suitable for your bank? Below are some of the features to look out for and some of them are way too important not to have them.


Not every CRM for banks will be as security conscious as Nevpro’s CRM for banks. We understand how banks contain a lot of sensitive information about the customers and about the bank itself. From addresses to credit card information, while our solution is integrated into the banking system. We at Nevpro have developed a CRM for banks which does not leak sensitive information, every bit of information is under different layers of security for your peace of mind. 

Cross-Selling Abilities

The customers in a bank are already customers, so what is the point of a CRM to begin with? Banks have evolved from safe lockers and bank tellers, banks nowadays provide a lot of value-added services such as investment services, insurance services, gold loans and more. The primary of our CRM for banks is to help the sales and marketing teams to upsell and cross-sell existing products.

Cost Cutting Opportunities  

With the ability to generate detailed reports which can give insights into sales and marketing activities, Nevpro’s CRM for banks can give the ability to see what is working and what is not. See which marketing campaigns on which platforms are bringing in the conversions, the same can be said about the sales activities are concerned as well. Stop spending money on what is not working and direct resources into what is working or experiment with a new activity with better insights.

Nevpro’s CRM for Banks can be customized to every conceivable extent, you may not be a full-fledged bank but a financial institution catering to small businesses and microfinance services, our CRM for banks can be customized to your industry and your specific needs as well.

Banks have competition from internet startups and the local loan shark as well, with a CRM they unlock a potential to target new customers with customer products and services, they are also customers who are already patrons of the bank. Upsell, cross-sell, better approval times, lowered application processing time and more. There are many reasons to use CRM for banks, with Nevpro’ CRM for banks get customized solutions to address your specific issues.  




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