Rize CRM for Auto Dealers


Rize CRM for Auto Dealers


Here at Nevpro, we understand how important it is for your dealership to have refined targets to maximize conversion rate, increase profits and have therefore designed this web-based automotive CRM software for your business’ convenience.

RizeCRM Auto Dealer is a comprehensive suite of tools put together to make a feature-rich software. It is a one-stop solution for Auto motive Dealers that provides end to end assistance in proficient business management. Using CRM tool is important to maintain good customer relationships as people may not be repeat customers, but satisfied customers are likely to recommend a dealership or a service within their social circles.

Our Auto motive CRM is designed for new, used and rental car showrooms and dealerships. It also gives high customization options according to different combinations of car types and dealership requirements. With an efficient Automotive CRM software, managing customers becomes an easy task. This Automation based software is capable of letting dealers know about various offers available for car servicing deals. Offers in Automotive CRM can always be customized according to customer needs. Doing so not only helps dealers to stay in touch and give the best offers to the prospects, but ensures brand/dealer recall with them even if they may have made a purchase elsewhere.





Advantages of ERP

Lead Management

Custom PHP Development

SIP Integration


Inventory Management

Advantages of ERP

Customer Tracking

CMS Development

Sales Tracking

PHP Development

Photo Gallery Support


Having RizeCRM Auto Dealer as your super assistant can help you in smooth and efficient management of your dealership’s data.

To know more about our auto dealership management software and services, Visit us at Nevpro Business Solutions.

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