Extensions are small software programs that customize a user’s browsing experience. These are designed to customize a user’s browsing experience according to their needs and preferences. Extensions can be used for multiple purposes, ranging from taking notes to providing website information.

These extensions help your business add to your customer’s user experience by providing your service beyond the traditional channels.

At Nevpro, we design customized Chrome and Firefox extensions for your business that can add value to your day-to-day activities and provide your customers with a very good user interface. Doing so increases your goodwill and customer relationships, thereby improving your business’ image. These extensions:

1)         Enable the users to tailor their own user experience, while fitting it to their own needs and preferences.

2)         Make the general browsing experience more functional.

3)         Gather data from your customers in the form of a enquiry box or a chat box browser extension so that you could service them better.

Themes are also similar software programs that change the appearance of your browser. They add to the visual appeal of the browser. Themes, however, are not functional in any aspect, they only look good.  Themes can be default, or user created. Many people create and upload their themes as free-to-use packages. They can be creative, solid, pictorial and so on. We design these themes according to your design preferences so that you can enjoy the look and feel of your browser, as you like it.