During financial transactions in Odoo, Journal entries are recorded against Journals. By default, Odoo will not allow you to cancel an invoice once it has been validated. Since accounting entries have been recorded, we are not able to delete or update them.

In such cases,you can create a credit note/refund of the original invoice and then reconcile the two entries so that accounts are reflected properly. However, in some scenarios, it is recommended to cancel an invoice when there is an error than to produce a credit note and reconcile the two entries. odoo supports this feature with the help of account_cancel module.

How to install this Module:

In order to install the account_cancel module, go to Local Modules under Settings and install account_cancel module.

How to configure this:

Once we install account_cancel module,it adds ‘Allow Canceling Entries’ option against Journals.In order to enable Journals to allow cancelling of journal entries,user needs to enable this option.

For eg: To enable cancellation of Supplier Invoices, user may need Purchase Journal to be enabled for cancelling as below:


Now user can cancel journal entries or Invoices as per their needs.

Please Note: This is not a feature which should be enabled all the time unless absolutely necessary. Cancelling an invoice without regenerating it will cause a break in the number sequence of your invoices. So it is highly recommended that User should make use of this feature responsibly. Visit our website today.

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