CRM for Call Center

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CRM for Call Center

When it comes to a call centre, the main goal of this business is to provide the best customer support to clients from all across the world. When it comes to making your employees have the best environment possible for them to be more efficient, more responsive and be vigilant day or night. With Nevpro’s CRM for call centres, we deliver solutions to personalize every customer interaction, capture and generate customer information and more. Our CRM for Call Center also covers multiple communication channels extending to social media channels, IVR calls, and emails. No matter the communication channel, our solution will be there to your customer executives to provide the clients with the best end results. Our Call Center CRM Software solution captures queries from multiple channels and is categorised to get the best match concerning a customer service agent and assigns them automatically.


Features Of Nevpro’s CRM for Call Center



Automated Call Capture

No calls are missed out with our CRM for call centers, all the details related to a call are captured automatically.


Connected Application

Our solution is available on desktop, cloud, and on a smartphone depending on requirement so you never miss a call.

Portal Developer

Flexible Intergration

Our solution can be integrated with multiple query channels, wherever your customers are speaking out, track them all.

CMS Development

IVR Integration

Cut down costs and time while providing your customer with the best customer service with integrating with an IVR.

Call Prioritization

Categorize and differentiate communications from sales, customer service to general queries, prioritize according to your requirements.

Website Content


Track and every bit of communication that comes in from every channel, leave no customer unanswered with our solution.


Competency-Based Distribution

Make sure that the most complicated queries go to the most component on the floor when better customer service is the goal.



Get insights into the workings of your customer service department to be it real-time, weekly or on a monthly bases.


Key Benefits Of Nevpro’s CRM for call center


Without the out of the box advantages such as increased query resolution to better customer services experience to your clients. Our solution also helps your employees to be more effective by automating many repetitive tasks such as entering customer information and more. 


Agile Software Development

Complete Customer Information


Secured Customer Data

Custom PHP Development

Automated Query Capture

Advantages of ERP

Increased Query Resolutions

Automated Query Assignments

Exceptional Web Applications

Generate Performance Reports


Why Choose Nevpro’s CRM For Call Center? 

When it comes to call centers, the operations are complicated than it looks from the outside. Calls and queries need to be assigned to competent agents. Not all agents will be well versed in some type of queries while being good at every type of query. This categorizing results in a call center which is efficient with high-resolution rates which the prime goal of any call center.  

We Promise


Minimal Time

End to End Integrations

PHP Web Development

Expert Consultation

Affordable Price

Affordable Prices

Advantages of ERP

User Friendly experience

Tailor made Solutions

24/7 Helpline




A call center CRM or a CRM for Call center is custom-built CRM for tackling the issues with running a successful call center. A traditional call center comes with a bunch of tasks which increases the time and costs of running a call center, for example assigning calls and enter customer details. But with Nevpro’s CRM for call center solution, companies cut down on time and operating costs by embracing our solution.

Pricing for Nevpro’s CRM for call center varies from features to features, feel free to contact our CRM experts by clicking here.

We support multiple programs such as Twilio, VoIP, CounterPath, Skype, Ring Centra or even integrate with your existing program as well. Nevpro’s CRM for call center is highly customizable in that regard.

A contact center is a digital place from where all the communications from customers are collected and managed. Nevpro’s CRM for call center can help call center to tackle queries from multiple communication such as social media sites, emails and phone calls. These channels can be used for any kind of communications from sales to technical assistance and more.   

Call centers have become more digital than their earlier days when it was just an office covered with telephones and telephone cables. Nowadays there are software likeNevpro’s CRM for call center which is made with express intention for a smooth operating of a call center. Nevpro’s CRM for call center and similar software are designed to alleviate the problems with running a call center. This could be anything from integrating multiple communication channels to call routing.   

Telemarketing is a type of marketing which relies on calling customers about services and products which may or may not interest them. Telemarketing has become an integral part for many businesses who use it as an upselling technique. For example, a bank will use telemarketing for selling credit card and loans when a customer has an account with them. An insurance company will try to sell an existing customer a life or vehicle insurance. This type of marketing has to rely on software like Nevpro’s CRM for call center, because leads conversion time is usually very low. So to keep their employees busy the employer has to update the database from their third party software and other channels. So, to maintain this cycle of lead replacement has to be automated, this is where Nevpro’s CRM for a call center is useful for telemarketing.

There are many uses for call centers if they use Nevpro’s CRM for call center, below are some of them in a detailed manner.

Intergrated telephony  

Depending upon the call center’s service (domestic or international), expect them to use a different type of telephony service. So any CRM for call center needs to have the ability to integrate with existing telephony service. Nevpro’s CRM for call center can be integrated most of the popularly used telephony service in the BPO sector.

Inbound Calls

When it comes to incoming calls, Nevpro’s CRM for call center will automatically generate metadata about the call. The solution will also change the customer service agent’s status as “on-call” to prevent any interference.

Outbound Calls 

Customers prefer to speak to agents they have already had a conversation with, this reduces the time on entering information and the initial information exchanges as well. With Nevpro’s CRM for call center, customer service agents can easily follow up on technical assistance or query by browning the call history feature.  

Ticketing System

Nevpro’s CRM for call center comes with a ticketing system which can pull request from multiple communications channels such as emails, social media channels and phone calls. The ticketing system can categorize request into different segments such as technical, sales and general query as well, this allows team members which specific competencies to choose tickets which are right at their wheelhouse. 

Call recording 

All calls incoming and outgoing are recorded by default by our solution, these recordings can be used for tracking the quality of individual customer service agents and quality control in general. These recording can be useful for the newly joined as they can listen to these recordings for future reference for specific queries as well. Nevpor’s CRM for call center understands the value of these interactions thus our feature to record calls.

Better Queuing

With Nevpro’s CRM for call center, even queuing is made part of the interaction by getting basic information from the customer by integrating the IVR. For example, calls can be categorized between the existing or new customer, getting an account or customer number and more. Armed with information, Nevpro’s CRM for call center can automatically assign the call to a competent customer service agent.

In general, a call drop rate is usually referred to as calls incompleted due to network issues. When it comes to call centers, it is the client cutting a call to the center due to the waiting time, the inability to find solutions or resolutions and more. With Nevpro’s CRM for call center can track calls which are dropped from the initial queue and you customer service agents call them back to provide them with the better customer service experience.

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