The most important part of Customer Relationship Management is after sales service. The service that is provided by an organization after the completion of their transaction with a customer , is key for customer retention. Customer retention is crucial to any business. However, even the simplest of things, like improper tracking of customer requests/issues can be the downfall of the relationship. We at Nevpro understand the value that even a single customer has, and offer an online ticketing system for your enterprise.
Ticketing Solutions is an online ticketing system developed to help you record the creation, escalation and the support . This ensures that your customer queries are answered and solved in the fastest and the most accurate manner, benefitting your relationship with the customer.

Providing good quality customer service not only helps you retain your existing customers, but also helps you gain new customers through reference. Satisfied customers are always better for business. Well treated customers are more likely to refer you to others than dissatisfied ones. To aid your business in customer retention and growth, our online ticketing system helps you to give top-notch customer service.


Ticketing Solution Process


Ticketing Solutions records every single resource allocated to every single ticket generated. It assigns a unique reference point to every one of them. This improves your capability to provide better quality service. Our online ticketing system attempts to connect the customer to a representative they had previously connected. This makes issue resolving process as smooth and fast as possible. Reassigning the same executive to a customer saves time as the executive already understands the problem and has all relevant data related to the customer at his fingertips. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also increases productivity. Hence, your customer service executives do not waste time in understanding the issue from scratch.

There also exists an in-built escalation system in our online ticketing system. It checks whether a ticket is resolved or not within its allotted time period. A senior level employee gets notification so that prompt action can be taken.

The online ticketing system is imperative to businesses and guarantee better customer satisfaction because of better and faster issue resolution. Satisfied customers are vital to the survival and growth of an organization. To start using a prompt and precise online ticketing system for your enterprise, visit: