In today’s data-centric world, traditional data storage and access systems are proving to be more inefficient by the day. The transition to web-based systems has become a necessity for all organizations. Educational institutions are no exception. We at Nevpro, have crafted a niche education software called NevCampusPro, a School management system. It provides complete solutions for efficient, hassle free, smooth operations.

NevCampusPro software is a School Management System designed to provide the teaching, non-teaching, management staff as well as parents and students. It also provides a platform to access data for clear, fast and efficient access to information. It aims at facilitating an easy, functional and convenient system to minimize wastage of time and efforts.

This School Management System enables you to access data regarding all the processes in your institution, from student progress reports, fee collection, exam schedules to details of students who have recently graduated, at the click of a button. The system streamlines all processes and gathers data from across your institution. Similarly brings you a system which is simple to work with and is comprehensive.

A simplified School Management System ensures timely updates and convenience of data access to all the personnel involved in the institution’s functioning.

Our school management system is developed to help and support your institution on every step of the way, from the beginning to the end of an academic year. The  software is designed in a way that ensures the storage, synchronization and easy retrieval of data across departments and for all categories of users (like teachers, students, parents etc.). It enables data access regarding students and their performance, fees, reports as well as staff information like attendance, pay, reports and so on.

Our best-in-class software is easy to use i.e. requires computer literacy. Meanwhile it does not require any advanced knowledge and has been designed keeping the user in mind. The simplicity of our system allows everybody who is a part of the school’s functioning to use it.


Benefits of the NevCampusPro School Management System


Paperwork can be messy, inconsistent and takes up a lot of physical space, thereby increasing clutter.

If you let go of the traditional methods and use an online School Management Software, you will not only be hassle-free, but will also make your day-to-day tasks much easier! With a web-based system, you can access any kind of data instantly, anywhere. It ensures that you don’t waste your time depending on outdated or irrelevant data.

Web-based School Management Systems make sure that everybody gets timely updates regarding fees, tests etc. through e-mail or SMS alerts. By keeping everyone in the loop, you save a lot of time and energy.

Instant access to data benefits everybody directly or indirectly involved in an educational institution. For example:

  • Students have access to home work, assignments and books.
  • Parents can check their child’s performance.
  • The School Management System also gives the administration access to the payroll.
  • Teachers also can check and update class work and performance.

Adopting a School Management System for your institution improves data storage and retrieval systems by keeping all information arranged. It also establish a better image of your institution due to the presence of a well-maintained and transparent system in place.

You can only be the best by planning ahead and using the best. To save time and be future ready,