A lead is the contact or demographic information of an individual, entity or organization that is gathered  for database building, list building and advertising.  Lead generation is an activity which involves sourcing and gathering leads for different uses. Manual lead generation is very cumbersome and wastes precious personnel efforts, so we at Nevpro have developed a data extraction tool that does it for you. Pulldata is a lead generation software by Nevpro. It generates customized leads  according to target market of business. Pulldata does exactly what the name suggests. It also pulls data from the web and combines it into a comprehensive list for your convenience.

Pulldata is an automated lead generation software that collects contact information (like name, e-mail, contact numbers, LinkedIn data etc.)  from a massive number of databases on the internet and compiles them according to your specifications like criteria of industry, size of company, designation, location etc.  It enables the user to extract this data and export it in various file formats, including the .CSV format.  This lead generation software enables  them to import it into any kinds of CRM software. Your enterprise can use pulldata for easy lead generation & exporting files

This lead generation software provides 99% accurate lead information because of its in-built machine learning capabilities. It allows Pulldata to give you verified leads every single time. It also automatically refreshes its database to ensure that the lead data that you have, is correct and updated.

To make it even more convenient, the data extraction tool is also available as a browser plug-in, which extracts data from many different databases across different websites, even LinkedIn. To use  a quick, easy and true lead generation software and save hours of repetitive and monotonous work, visit: easyrepricer.com