A mindful and efficient accounting software for Chartered Accountants

Owning a financial firm has a lot of responsibilities and the keeping track of dates, amounts and timings is a very difficult task, involving a lot of paperwork and taking up valuable time and energy. Nevpro’s CA Accounting Software helps chartered accountants manage paperwork, documentation, notifications and reminders to simplify their very busy jobs. This accounting software greatly reduces the workload and the time spent behind using manual work to remind or contact clients for the smallest things.

CA Accounting Software is a 21st-century technology where CA’s enjoy many beneficial features of the software, which helps them track every single process involved in their office. It not only reduces their work but also acts as a customer relationship manager for them; it keeps a track of their payment due dates, reminds them of it, automatically follows upon client conversations etc.

The CA Accounting Software has a client portal wherein all the client data is stored under one name and is easily accessible, with just one click. This data includes their name, contact details, account details, files uploaded and so on. This reduces time as the CA doesn’t have jump from platform to platform to retrieve different kinds of data related to a single client. It also has an integrated communications system, which sends clients reminder emails, notifications, texts etc. automatically, so that the CAs don’t have to waste their precious time on menial tasks.

The practice management system for accountants is, of course, automated, hence reducing the manual effort required and the manual errors that can be made. This completely avoids any risk related to human error, which is crucial for a CA firm and works much faster than any human being. Errors in this field could cost actual money, for both the accountants as well as their clients.

The Accounting software helps financial institutions serve their clients better, makes their work efficient and saves them a good amount of time, money and effort.

We understand every firm is different in its own way. To facilitate and provides our services to maximum CA Firms, we provide small business accounting software,  mid-size and big enterprise accounting software in Canada

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