The leading name for an online marketplace globally, is Amazon. Markets, both online and offline are customer centric because of the variety of options the customers have. This spells trouble for the sellers, because there is cutthroat competition for them, in the form of competitive pricing. Different sellers offer fluctuating prices throughout the year, making it difficult for you, as a seller, to constantly change your prices without affecting your profit margins. We at Nevpro understand these seller concerns and have created a solution called the Amazon Repricer.

The Amazon Repricer is a tool that constantly studies the variation in the prices of your competitors’ products and changes your products’ prices accordingly. It monitors the changes in the standard prices and discount rates offered by your competitors and in turn, changes the price of your products, so that there is fair competition in the marketplace.

A fully automated software, the Amazon Repricer tool lets you, the seller, set a minimum price of your choice. This is so that you do not sell at a price that affects your profit margin when competing with others. If the set price has been reached , our Amazon Repricer Tool deactivates the product entry.

A seller has a tough time setting a price. It must be high enough to collect a good margin, but low enough to attract customers. This balance gets thrown off during a ‘sale’ or when your competition lowers their prices. Because of the sharp rise in Amazon sellers, it has become extremely difficult for individual sellers to grow as fast as they used to. This is because of the substantial increase in the sheer number of sellers on the platform. For instance, there may be ten different sellers for the same product. A potential customer will see all ten sellers and naturally, opt for the one selling it for the lowest price.

This is where our Amazon Repricer Tool comes in.

Our software analyses the change in pricing of the competitors’ products and sets your products’ price according to their prices. It is called a repricer, because of its function of analyzing market prices, and changing the price of your products as and when required, in a set manner. To gain an edge over your competitors in the marketplace with the Amazon Repricer, visit us at