About us Nevpro


In today’s competitive environment, many organizations work hard, not smart. Nevpro offers smart  business solutions that simplify the difficulties faced by businesses, to give swift and accurate results.

Established in 2010 by Mr. Sandesh Suresh Rao, we are headquartered in Navi Mumbai, with international branches in Australia and Canada, offering business solutions to SME, with customization and post-purchase support.

We offer package solutions like CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence. We are also the official Gold partner of Bitrix.


Our business process management software,  Enterprise Resource Planning, widely known as ERP. It integrates the various functions of a business like  product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing in a single database. It also allows customization, which helps us to deliver you the best service. Nevpro specializes for three industries – manufacturing, education and hospitality. We also configure modules in-depth, according to your requirements.


We also have another expansive software called CRM , designed to help organizations providing top-notch customer service and support, as it is a very important part of business. It is known that acquiring  a new customers is ten times more expensive than retaining your customers.

Our products include:


RizeCRM is  a customer relationship management software that stores customer data, interactions and history to build and improve client relationship. It has two products under it:

  • CA Automation: A software for Chartered Accountants that automates time-consuming everyday tasks to save time.
  • Auto Dealer Software : It is a software for automobile dealers to manage data related to  leads , sales, inventory and follow-up.


Pulldata is a data extraction tool that helps in verified lead generation by ‘pulling’ contact and other information about people or organizations based on customized parameters, with 99% verified leads.

Amazon Repricer:

The Amazon Repricer is a software  for sellers on Amazon to change the prices of their product according to the dynamic pricing of their competitors’ products. It also maximize sales without compromising on profit margins.

Ticketing Solutions:

Nevpro’s Ticketing Solutions is a system  for managing customer requests and complaints in a prompt, precise and efficient manner. It also boosts customer satisfaction and provide impeccable customer service.


NevCampusPro is  a school management system for educational institutions.School can manage, plan, resources, data flow and while ensuring transparency  throughout departments. It stores, updates and also manages data and is extremely user friendly. It can be accessed by staff, faculty, students and parents.


Above all, Nevpro understands that a growing business with a potential of becoming a market influencer requires an appropriate mechanism. It quickens the pace of growth, without neglecting their customers. Hence, we strive to deliver products with uncompromising quality and consistently stellar service to ensure that your business gets the success it deserves.