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When it comes to automation, it’s been said that if there is a manual process that can be automated then it should be automated. The usual suspects are simple recurring tasks, website widgets, and communications automation. The word automation when it comes to Bitrix24 has an entirely different meaning than the rest of the other industries use. With Bitrix24 users get to automate business operations, the exact terminology called “business process automation” or simply BPA. The goal of BPA is to automate as mentioned before simply simple and recurring tasks. But with the word “automation” many wonder how it can help their business. The best part of Bitrix is that it is a highly customizable CRM. As a certified bitrix customization services provider in India, contact us to know how Bitrix24 can help your business. And if you want to try Bitrix24, contact us for our bitrix migration services.

Automation Advantages For You

So if you are wondering how business process automation can help your business, here are some of the advantages of your consideration. As a leading bitrix customization services provider in India, we can customize Bitrix24 to meet all your business needs. And if you are missing out on Bitrix24’s automation advantages on your collaboration platform, contact us for bitrix migration services.  

Streamlined Process

Many times, miscommunication is the biggest gap in any business process, with business process automation, setting up of meetings, follow-up emails, chat forms, and notifications being automated to the tee. If you are on some other collaboration software, we as a Bitrix migration service provider can help to assimilate into Bitrix24 without losing any and with better tools and services needed to reach your business goals. If you are missing out on all Bitrix24 tools to reach your business goals, contact us for bitrix customization services.


The beginning of any automation begins with identifying projects, tasks, people, and responsibilities. This importance of individual insights gives clarity on the outputs and tasks of individuals and their contribution to the projects. If you are on any other collaboration platform, contact us for our bitrix migration services. 


Automations create a trail for auditing and compliance purposes, this ensures that everyone knows that the entire process is recorded. There can be levels of compliance in every tool of Bitrix24, as a leading Bitrix customization services provider we can deliver bespoke solutions. 

Operations Standardization

With business process automation, it may be difficult in the beginning but as the process is absorbed by everybody, many tasks in a project can be automated. While all the processes and projects may seem similar, the outputs of the projects can be mimicked as well. If you are missing out on all Bitrix24 tools, contact us for bitrix customization services.

What Can You Automate With Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 has been one leading provider of online collaboration and business automation services, Bitrix24 comes with a collection of tools, running from communications, and project tracking to CRM. Bitrix 24 CRM comes with dedicated automation tools and tools which have different levels of automation integrated into them. Below are some of the Bitrix24 automation tools.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

This is a drag and drop tool that can be used to automate the standard and custom workflows, many of the processes have pre-configured tasks, all of this can be customized to meet the needs of individual projects and the projects can be further automated with deadline notifications, progress updates, and more.

Recurring Tasks

As in any collaboration software, there will be many recurring tasks that need to be updated and re-entered. With Bitrix24, under tasks and projects users have the ability to repeat and automate many tasks. 


Bitrix24 comes with many different types of website widgets, users can automate chatbots, web forms, and call-back forms. This can help to collect all the communications from the website into a single channel hub.     

Workflow Automation

So as mentioned before users can create custom workflows in Bitrix24, within the workflows there are some actions that can be automated. Some of the automated requests are left approval, business trip, general requests, purchase request, and expense reports, users can automate many actions depending on their needs and requirements. 

CRM Automation

Bitrix24 has become one of the leading software for online collaborations with its expertise in CRM services. Bitrix is the best CRM software for small businesses. When it comes to automation with CRM, Bitrix24 can send messages to clients, create tasks and events, custom sales pipelines, and more. Are you unhappy with your current CRM, contact us for bitrix migration services.

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