Boost your digital presence: Tips for entrepreneurs

Developing a business plan and concise strategy can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll cover some tips that you can easily implement without having to be an expert in these topics. You have a product idea which is the most important part, now you must properly communicate it with your audience to see actual results.

Value Proposition

 Are you bringing a unique product? Do some market research and see if your competitors have something similar. It’s extremely important you stand out from the crowd, there are millions of brands who copy each other, don’t be one of those and believe in your power of creating something special and that adds value to someone’s life. Once you convince some of them, you can easily grow your business by word of mouth.

Have an organized schedule

Once you have clear what your product value is, the next step is to write all your ideas, goals, and deadlines in an organized way. I suggest having a content calendar and focusing on building your audience’s trust. The more information you share about the brand, specific industry, or your experience, the better. Plan on posting on your social media platforms at least three times a week. For example, You can make Mondays for recipes, Wednesdays for customer testimonials, and Fridays for new feature spotlights. You can change this up every now and then. Keeping others engaged is key.

Boost your digital presence


  • Including specific deadlines. Short term goals are great incentives
  • Write down strategies and actions that can help you achieve those goals. Do you have to get in the habit of writing all your blogs on Mondays? Do you prefer taking all product photography every Friday?

Consistent Branding

 If you want to boost your digital presence you must have a cohesive branding. Why? This gives your brand a professional look, if you include the same color palette, photography style, fonts, and graphics it’s easier for others to recognize your business. If you are able to, hire a Python Developer that can build a specific guide that you and your employees can refer to every time you edit the website or social media profiles.

Consistent Branding

Danish brand Fabrek

The Danish brand Fabrek keeps it consistent with pastel colors and product proportions.

If you want some inspiration as of branding, the website Coolors has amazing options and color shades based on seasons.

Creative content

Stay innovative. A few ways you can approach creative content is making product photography fun and exotic. Mix colors, shades, nature, and try out different angles. Staying on top of your visual strategy is crucial since this is an attention grabber.

creative content is making product

This is a good example of eye-catching product photography. Sharing product properties along visuals can be the perfect complement.

 Communicating through influencer marketing

 Your web presence can definitely improve using influencer marketing, If you are new to this term, I am here to help. The main goal is to find a content creator that can genuinely talk about your product with his/her followers. The influencer can do so through different platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Though, 90% of the campaigns are done on Instagram.

First think about what you want to accomplish and in what time frame.

  • Are your goals more focused on building brand awareness or promoting a new product line?
  • What are some key points you should mention to the influencer so she/him can talk about the brand properly?
  • How much are you able to spend per campaign?
  • What social media platform do you want to focus on?
  • How many Instagram influencers do you want to collaborate with?
  • Do you want to pay them a specific amount or with samples or the product itself?

One of the amazing benefits about this approach is that you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to see results. There are Nano influencers who have between 1-5K followers, and micro-influencers with 5-50K. If you own a small business, choosing a business software solution with a small or medium size following can be a very smart decision. They are probably not celebrities but actually care a lot about interacting with their audience and gaining their trust.

The key is to find influencers whose audience matches your target market and also enjoys mentioning brands like yours. If you have a wellness brand, find someone who is passionate about the subject and has worked with brands within the industry. Influencer marketing platforms can make this process a lot faster since you are able to search by region, audience, engagement rate, and many other filters. Once you decide which ones you like, you can categorize them in different lists so you can have all the information visually organized.

engagement rate

Information visually organized in the platform Heepsy.

Remember to also consider:

  • Audience authenticity – the percentage of the influencer’s audience who might be suspicious.
  • Post frequency – the rate at which an influencer posts per week or month. Are they usually active?
  • Follower growth – Avoid working with an influencer who has fake followers. This happens often, especially when they have a sudden increase in followers. Influencer marketing platforms can help detect these different kinds of metrics through AI.

Negotiate and monitor your campaign

Mention all the proper guidelines to the influencer, it being a certain aesthetic they should approach or product features to highlight. Make sure you give them some creative freedom too, as they are also experts in the business. Many of them have great ideas so definitely have a conversation with them and listen to their advice. Cover which hashtags you want them to include or if there is a specific discount code they need to share with their audience.

Once the campaign is over ask the influencers you worked with for insights and internal data they have access to. You want to be able to know how many people purchased a product using the code or if there was an increase in website traffic while the campaign was live. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get the results you wanted. It’s all a matter of trying and seeing what resonates with the audience. Each decision you make is taking you towards the right direction. Always trust in your product, it’s value, and how it can improve other’s lives.

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