A Teacher explains – How an ERP for school management is useful?

What’s better than a teacher explaining how ERP School Management System for teaching? How it transformed the way education is imparted to young minds in a way it not only informs but educates? Here, we are sharing an interview clip of an Odoo ERP user. Watch a teacher share his experience about using Open ERP School Management System for teaching. Learn about his journey with software and also how his students are working with the opensource ERP tool.


We are an official partner of Odoo, an open source ERP software used by hundreds of teachers around the world. We provide ERP for school management  system software in India and around the world using Odoo to make the processes of schools and colleges run efficiently. With some customization, our ERP for school management helps teachers and students learn in a lot better way leveraging a number of resources made available by ERP software solution.


We at Nevpro, have designed a complete School Management software assistance ‘NevCampusPro’ to minimize all traditional paperwork. It also avoids chaos or data loss. The software provides the teaching, non-teaching, management staff as well as parents and students with a platform to access data for clear, fast and efficient access to information. Odoo based Nevcampuspro aims at facilitating an easy, functional and convenient system. It minimizes wastage of time and efforts for your institution while maximizing productivity.

Above all, this School Management System enables you to access data.  All the processes in your institution, from student progress reports, fee collection and exam schedules to details of students who have recently graduated,  are available at the click of a button. It also streamlines all processes and gathers data from across your institution. This brings you a system which is simple to work with and is comprehensive.


In case, you are looking for one such software solutions to increase the efficiency and transform the way you teach your students then Nevcampuspro is an ultimate solution. It helps in effective management of your daily school activities which can otherwise be tricky task in


For more information on Odoo ERP  School Management Software, connect with us or mail us at [email protected]


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