Importing CSV in Bitrix24

How to Import CSV in Bitrix24

Importing CSV to Bitrix 24 ERP v1

This blog post is all about How to Import CSV in Bitrix24. In any of the system Import – Export functionality is very important. Bitrix24 gives a feature to Import all the Masters from CSV or to Export existing data of Bitrix in CSV or Excel format.
This feature is available in Contacts, Leads, Companies etc.

Steps :

1. Go to Leads

Importing CSV in Bitrix24

2. Click on Gear on the right and click on Import

Importing CSV in Bitrix24

3. Click on Download button to download Import File Example.

(If Separator in CSV is changed then make sure you select the same Separator while Importing)

Importing CSV in Bitrix24

4. It will look like this.

Importing CSV in Bitrix24

Importing CSV in Bitrix24

5. Fill the required details in CSV.

6. Again go to Leads – Import and fill the details as mentioned.

7. Choose a file


Importing CSV in Bitrix24

8. Click on Next. And Configure Field Mapping (Drop Down contains Fields from CSV)

Importing CSV in Bitrix24

9. Click On Next. And Configure Duplicate Control as required.


10. Click on Next.

Importing CSV in Bitrix24

11. And then Done.

That’s all you have to do.
Now you can see all the leads will get imported in Bitrix24.

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