ERP for manufacturing industry-Complete ERP Software Solution for MRP System

Nevpro’s manufacturing solutions is apt choice for manufacturers who need a complete business Solution. Our comprehensive manufacturing solutions comprises not only manufacturing erp software, but along with that CRM, HCM, lean manufacturing tools, E-Commerce feasibility as well to suite your business needs and help it grow. With our erp software solution for manufacturing industry we try to provide the manufacturing businesses agility, transparency and productivity they need in order to maximize their profits.

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How does Nevpro’s ERP for manufacturing industry help a business?

With a ERP for manufacturing industry customized to suite a manufacturing units required, we help manufacturing industries by providing them with:

  1. Simplified Process Compliance:

Our manufacturing solutions replaces the complex processes with a simplified manufacturing ERP software suite making preempt delays and errors that impact costs.

  1. Cut Costs:

Simplified comprehensive manufacturing solutions reduces the number of errors which means less money spent correcting problems.

  1. Streamline Cash Flows:

Cash flows are organised with a well suited ERP for manufacturing industry offering significant and long-lasting cost savings.

  1. Develop focused procurement Strategy:

Analyse the data and prepare a strategy that fits perfectly for your business needs.

  1. Drive better decision making:

Identification of lows and highs in data which helps in analyzing and making smart decisions.

  1. Deliver Higher Revenues:

Our manufacturing solution designed and customized specially to suite your needs helps your business decide and achieve business goals to attain increased turnover, greater profits or general efficiency improvements

Features of our manufacturing solutions:

  1. Engineering
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Order Management
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. Production Control
  6. Service and Support
  7. Financial Management
  8. Commerce

With various modules and options like Easily configurable Bill of Materials, Manufacturing Order Planning, Sub-Contracting Complete/Partial Manufacturing process and tracking progress, CAPA (Corrective Actions , Preventive Actions) module i.e. knowledge portal integrated with Manufacturing process, Complete integration with Warehouse / Inventory module, Barcode Generator, Purchase Module, Accounts module with Tally entries importing facility, Groups and Access rights manager, Email & SMS notifications on predefined events, Configurable Taxes (VAT, ST) with Form C reminder facility made available by Nevpro’s ERP for manufacturing industry, Manufactures drive greater efficiency while reducing IT costs.

We design manufacturing solutions to meet the needs of your rapidly growing manufacturing unit helping your business deliver profitability and minimize investments. We also implement lean manufacturing tools for manufacturing industries. Nevpro’s manufacturing solutions have been adopted by many innovative and rapidly growing manufacturers of the world.

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