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Social Intranet

In this fast-paced communication era, we have totally adapted the social network in our personal lives. Question here is- Why is social networking users are rising with every minute? The answer lies in the primary motive behind evolution of Social media platforms – ‘ease of communication’.

The social networking is a step ahead way of interacting with the world. Imagine infusing the power of social networking medium to your enterprise too. Bitrix24 does that for you. With the software, your business comes to life using an interactive tool which is apt for the new age communication. Smart combination of tools for easy document sharing, time tracing, task management and its compatibility with social intranet for your enterprise communication is the way to approach progressive future of your enterprise.

Bitrix24 provides social intranet for easy internal & external public communication of an organization.

Bitrix24 has a activity stream which acts like a news feed of social intranet providing all updates.

Activity Stream

The Activity stream in social intranet of Bitrix24 is a collaborated update feed where user can see all the changes and updates to the intranet. The Activity Stream features production, social and mixed function sections of the intranet.

With the stream, every employee can stay updated about real time discussions, company wide announcements, upcoming events and many more. With the Activity Stream, users can personalize their type of updates to display, notification settings, smart following. Bitrix24’s activity stream also enables user to attach files, schedule events, receive feedback and many more.

The Like Button

Like every social networking site, Bitrix24 made its Activity Stream interactive. You can like the post, work, announcements, events etc. Even you can comment from the main interface. The liked and commented content remains in the priority of search results.

With such interactive small tools in Social Intranet, Bitrix24 works as catalyst in creating a community within organization where coworkers express their opinions, search most useful and popular content of the organization.

Like content in bitrix crm remains in priority search results

Social intranet in bitrix crm provides easy conversation with single or multiple users


A social networking platform is incomplete without empowering the user with interface to communicate. Well, that’s what Bitrix24 understands to the core. The social intranet ensures easy collaboration where the users can start a new conversation with a single user in private or with many colleagues.

Users can collaborate or share tasks or documents too. Instant Messenger can be used to sent private messages quickly. The new participants in conversation can be added anytime.


Badges in Social Intranet works as a great motivation tool. You can Appreciate your colleagues using small badges. With Bitrix24, supervisors and management can appreciate their coworkers, employees by giving them awards which is visible to everyone within the company. The total or new badges received can be seen in the Activity Stream and in the profile of the user.

with badges in social intranet you can appreciate employees, co workers etc

announcements feature in bitrix crm


Now you can keep your employees updated with every important announcement with Bitrix24. Sending an announcement and every user reading it are two different things. Keeping this key point in mind, Bitrix24 developed an enhanced feature where announcements are shown in the light-yellow block in the top right corner of the Activity Stream. The Announcements block remains highlighted until user mark them as read

Photo Gallery

Don’t you think Social networking is incomplete without images? Social Intranet has a special photo gallery integrated with the Activity Stream. It gives users complete control over photo albums. The company can share various photo albums with each user, workgroup. It even empowers user to share company relevant photos. The photos can be viewed, liked, and commented on. You can see the photo viewer above the Activity Stream. A convenient bulk loader helps user in uploading heavy files quickly.

photo gallery bitrix crm

smooth workflow in bitrix24


Activity Stream has workflow updates where your employees can approach you easily. May it be a Leave Request, Expenses, Purchases, Technical assistance request or General Request, they can do it via Activity Stream. The updates on each workflow are posted to Activity Stream too. Bitrix24 provides Standard workflows in the Standard and Professional plans.

Email Collaboration

Social networking at workplace may sound cool but you cannot completely replace it with Email practice. That’s why Bitrix24 lets you create emails and add multiple recipients to your posts. Sending mails to employees individually works best with special address listed in contacts. You can use intranet, extranet or email, all the posts gets indexed and stored in your Bitrix24 account. The Email tool is free to use without any limitations.

social intranet lets you connect to people via mail

Easily integrate your personal social accounts with bitrix social intranet

Integrate with Popular Social Media

How about connecting your workplace with personal profiles? Well, you can now connect your office intranet with personal profile in social networks. A key benefit of connecting profiles is the accessibility to authorized Bitrix24 via personal accounts. Use #b24 hashtag to post the Twitter tweets into the intranet’s Activity Stream. Similarly, you can post number of completed tasks onto Twitter and others social media platforms.

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