Customer Relationship Management

Bitrix24 as a CRM Software provides a platform to initiate, organize and manage interaction with prospect or existing clients, agents, dealers, partners and many more important contacts. You can find all you contact details, interactions sorted in a single place. Using integrated tasks feature, user can stay updated with new events like messages, meetings, phone calls. Even further interactions can be planned under CRM.

bitrixcrm Managing Interaction

Managing Interaction

Creating reports, analysis, import/export of contacts, segmenting and successful targeting of audience becomes easy through CRM instruments. You can assign incoming leads among Sales Manager. Similarly, Marketing campaigns can be studied, analyzed and access permission to any lead can be customized depending on the security and status parameters. The main USP of CRM is its intuitiveness and convenience. Activity Stream as a universal interface enables initiation of actions like emails, tasks, meetings, notes, and phone calls from a single point into the CRM. Most noteworthy, Bitrix24 empowers you with storage decision of your important business/client database.

Reports and Sales Funnels

Bitrix24 presents your sales and pipeline reports in a funnel format. A glance at sales funnel gives you an overall understanding of projects, their status, progress, estimate completion time and many more. In funnel, stages can be added by the user. For easy understanding, the stages appear in different colors and separate lines. The length of the line corresponds to the total sum of the deals at that stage, and a table with the numeric values is displayed below the funnel. Above all, Bitrix24 allows you to create unlimited sales pipelines and build multiple sales funnel for several products.
Reports and Sales Funnels in Bitrixcrm

CRM Dashboards in Bitrixcrm

CRM Dashboards

CRM Dashboards gives a quick overview of the most important sales activities. Users can see the number of deals won and track the client’s invoice status. Dashboards also reflects agent’s rating in comparison with other sales members. Currently, CRM Dashboards have leads, deals and invoices and other entities like contacts, companies are soon to be added.


Quotes in CRM provides customizable fields for easy entry of data and customizable statuses to get the relevant information with a glance. You can add items from provided product catalog or manually. Conversion of quotes to CRM documents (invoices) is easily done. With strong integration ability, users can print or email the quotes to clients, agents and many more people associated with the business.

Invoices inside the BitrixCRM

Invoices inside the CRM

In Bitrix24, you can create customized invoices quickly as the CRM allows automatic insertion of Client data. All you need to do is select the Contact or Lead appropriately. It supports Recurring invoices. Existing items have list of products and services to include in an invoice. You can even create new list of products/services. The invoice created in CRM can be directly sent to your clients via mail, direct print from web browser is supported and you can also save the invoice as PDF file.

Sales targets and quotas

When sales plans are planned effectively, the chances of achieving targets are high. Bitrix24 allows you to set Sales Targets where you can set goals for each sales agent, each pipeline, company and track their progress in real time. Setting targets as a number of deals won in certain period or minimum required sales volume are two different ways to plan your sales in the CRM.
Sales targets and quotas in BitrixCRM

CRM Website Forms in BitrixCRM

CRM Website Forms

Bitrix24 lets you create forms with built in Web Form Builder. With wide variety of templates, you can choose the most suitable type. These forms are fully customizable. It can custom images, CSS and embed forms into website or hosted with Bitrix24 public pages. Bitrix24 forms support supports field rules (conditional logic), product catalog, post submit redirects and online payments. The information submitted via these forms can be found in Bitrix24 CRM as leads, contacts, deals, quotes or invoices, companies or any other title customization done by user.

Open channels

Connecting CRM with most social networks and messengers ease out the communication process. Client messages from Facebook, VK, Telegram, Skype and other platforms are distributed among Bitrix24 CRM users according to the set rules. Open channels support mobile, desktop and web versions of Bitrix24 apps.
Open channels feature in BitrixCRM for ease out Communication

Bitrix CRM Mobile App for easy inforamtion

Mobile CRM

Accessing CRM through Bitrix Mobile App is possible. You can find all the information you need while away from your PC. Bitrix24 Mobile CRM allows creation or editing of CRM entries and invoices directly from a mobile device. Using product catalog, browse client records or making calls, Mobile CRM acts a great support while on the move!

Emails to clients

In Bitrix24 CRM, Email is free. You are empowered with email marketing where sending individual or group emails to a list of leads, contacts, or companies is done efficiently. Each CRM manager can be given individual email account or you can select a single email address for all mails. You can integrate message templates, mail merge and integrations with most popular email marketing platforms. All messages sent using Bitrix24 CRM, email client, webmail or mobile email app gets synced with the CRM.
Emails to clients feature in BitrixCRM

Calls to clients feature helps you to connect with your clients for free

Calls to clients

You don’t need external sources to call your clients when Bitrix24 CRM helps you do the same using IP telephony via Zingaya VoxImplant. The built-in feature of Telephony and integration with allows you to make web phone calls from browser or Desktop App. The prices are lower than popular telecommunication applications like Skype, Lync and many more. Recording phone calls is possible in Birtrix24 CRM. You can also integrate with other IP-telephony applications.

Access Rights and Roles in CRM

Assigning access to CRM element is easy. You can divide elements among company employees at any stage of the customer engagement process. In the CRM, you can assign a role as sales manager, team leader, administrator to any group, department or individually selected user in the intranet. As an Administrator, you are able to check a detailed log of employees via CRM records.
Access Rights and Roles in BitrixCRM

Business processes in the BitrixCRM

Business processes in the CRM

Using business processes, you can process Leads and Deals with substantial automation. A business process contains actions with CRM elements like assigning responsibility, sending email, setting tasks etc. You can change the status of elements, fill in fields, and create new elements such as deals in Business processes.

Apps & Integrations

Bitrix24 is a thoughtful, progressive software where you don’t need to worry about collaborations. The CRM of Bitrix24 integrates with Mailchimp, Xero, Gmail, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, Web forms, Helpdesk and many more. Migration of important data from other popular CRM systems to Bitrix24 is done in a very flexible way.
Apps & Integrations in BitrixCRM

Integration with your Website with BitrixCRM

Integration with your Website

CRM in Bitrix24 can be easily integrated with your website. Lead capturing tools like live chat, website forms or callback widget all come with embed code that works with any CMS or ecommerce platform, you don’t require coding for this. You can integrate additional tools via REST API.

Website and landing page creator

Inside Bitrix24 accounts, you can create free website and landing pages that are linked to your CRM directly. You don’t require any HTML coding as come with free templates as well as royalty free HD images in Bitrix24.Sites via visual block-based editor. With free hosting option that provides unlimited pages and bandwidth, you can plan your email and marketing strategies well.
Website and landing page creator feature in bitrixCRM in which you can create free website & landing Pages

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