Customer Contact Center

Bitrix24 works as a universal contact center. Using the software, you can choose any communication channel such as telephone, email, social media, web form, website live chat, instant messenger or any other to reach your clients. Bitrix24 supports all of these channels and simultaneously changes entire history of client interactions in a systematic manner.
Through Customer Contact centre you can choose any communication platform to interact with your client

Open channels feature in bitrix24 helps user to connect social platforms.

What are open channels?

Open channels in Bitrix24 connects the user account with popular social networks and messaging platforms, such as Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Telegram, Vibe Slack and many more. All the messages, queries received from different communication platforms are answered by employees via Bitrix24. All interactions are logged and saved inside Bitrix24 CRM. Open channels support intelligent routing, canned replies, queuing, rules, bots and can integrate Bitrix24. Network and website live chat.

Queueing and Routing

For Open channels, Bitrix24 has separate queue. Existing clients can be connected to their account managers through Intelligent routing. Conversation transfer from one agent to another is easy. In Whisper mode, you can chat with your employees which is invisible to clients. Software supports Canned responses, Chat bot and AI support in both web or mobile.
Through Queueing and routing feature in bitrix24 conversation transfer from one agent to another is easy

website and live chat feature in bitrix24 contains all features for real time communication.

Website live chat

An ideal CRM is incomplete without Real Time Communication. Bitrix24 is empowered with strong Website live chat tool that contains all features of open channels, adaptable design, customizable appearance and easily embeddable (HTML code). It can host live chat if you don’t have a website and Bitrix24 gives Free Chat access for 12 agents.

CRM web forms

Web forms are the way to map out various business processes in any organization. Inside Bitrix24, you can create any form type such as contact, feedback, support, order forms, generate product catalog. It supports both Hosted or embedded versions. Forms are Fully customizable, supports Online payments and Post submit redirects.
CRM web forms feature in bitrix24 helps you to create online forms for business process.

Bots and AI feature in bitrix24 helps you easily integrate the software with other platforms

Bots and AI

Bitrix24 Bots and AI configures with own- or third-party bots. It works with Microsoft Bot Framework which lets you easily integrate the software with Skype, Kik, Twilio, Slack, , Email Office 365, GroupMe and other platforms and bots of Microsoft. Access to Public and private bots is available at Bitrix24 Marketplace. For a multinational company with client all over the world, Bitrix24 has Natural language processing to ease out communication. The software has Virtual assistance and have Bot to live agent transfer option to interact further. Rest API are available.

Omni-channel customer service

A smart 360 ° approach of customer service produces best results. Bitrix24 has all communication channel integration option which lets user and clients interact hassle free via Email, Call center, Live chat, Social media, Messengers, Web forms and many more.
Omni-channel customer service feature in bitrix24 which lets user and clients interact hassle free

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