Bitrix24 understand the need of coordinating schedules of employees, resources and maintain transparency in the organization. The software is equipped with personal and workgroup calendars. These calendars can be accessed inside the system, with outlook and mobile devices. Integrating calendars via mobile helps in sharing changes in schedule from Android, iPhone or iPad. Easy reminders on tasks and events are add- ons.


group calendar

Group calendars

In Bitrix24 Calendars, you can create unlimited group calendars for your workgroup, division, department or a complete organization. Through privacy settings, you can customize the permission rights to view and edit the events scheduled under group calendar. Creating Private event is possible incase you need to reserve specific time block.

Event Scheduler

Event Scheduler in Bitrix24 is your go to assistant when it comes to organizing a public event. The feature helps you to plan and manage events with unlimited number of guests. Through Calendar, you can find an available time slot that fits into your guests schedule too. Scheduling events in repeat mode is possible where calendar shows the reminder in chosen time intervals.

event scheduler

Integration with CRM

Integration with CRM

When you schedule events in Bitrix24 CRM, it gets automatically imported to calendars in Bitrix24. These events can be customer meetings, follow up phone calls and many more. The events can be accessed by Bitrix24 app installed in mobile or tablet devices.

Favorite calendars

With Grid view in Bitrix24 Calendar, you can view all events in a single glance. You can follow schedules of other workgroups and easily coordinative with multiple employee for activities. Easy two-way synchronization with Outlook and iCal is possible.

favorite calendar

absense chart

Absence Chart

A Composite calendar shows information about employees working status. It displays employees or planning to be on leave. This absence chart helps you to check who can be given responsibility for a given event, task or many more activities. This information can be viewed in day, week and calendar views.

Meetings and Briefings

Any meeting is incomplete if it’s not strategically planned with a workflow. Bitrix24 is pro at managing meetings. You can now manage invitations, responses and the main agenda of meeting can be assigned as tasks from the main meeting interface. To maintain transparency after meeting, you can save minutes and results of meeting. The remaining topics can be scheduled for next meeting. Bitrix24 makes sure you don’t miss out on details.


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