Bitrix24: Best Project management software

Did you know according to the State of Project Management Survey 2018, only 22% use a Project Management or Resource Management software solution? Similarly, a report by Global project management study in 2012 stated that only 44% of project managers use no software, even though PWC found that the use of commercially available Project management software increases performance and satisfaction.


With these statistics, we can easily understand that more than a half of the IT professionals are simply relying on manual project management techniques of initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling the projects of their clients. We cannot say every organization dealing with projects definitely needs an integrated system to efficiently manage the ultimate project, but the need for the best project management software is undeniable if the organization client base is mid-sized or vast. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at how the best Project management software is the basic need to nourish your client relationship.

Let’s start with understanding the basic functionality of Project management software


A good project management software widens your horizon as a professional. With the software, you can develop a perfect project plan. By perfect, we mean a systematic approach where your project goals and project objectives are crystal clear to guide your workflow as you start executing of the plan. Once the plan is created,  list of tasks and analysis of resources marks an integral step in project management software. Dividing and allocating the tasks with defined timelines for completion starts the work with the real application of so far planned objectives and goals. Tracking of tasks completions becomes an hassle-free process with efficient project management software.


To understand the process better, let us take an example of Bitrix24, one of the best project management software available in the market for empowering the business world. Bitrix24 is a complete software which provides efficient project management assistance, smartly combining small tools that help in designing a project plan with defined goals, objectives, task collaboration and many more.


Here are the top features that make Bitrix24 the best project management software you can adopt for boosting your business projects.


Task Management

Missed deadlines, expectations vs reality task sync blunders are the top nightmares of any project manager. Well, you can get rid of such end moment panics now. Bitrix24 empowers you with unlimited task and subtask creation fields. The Tasks can be assigned to an employee or a team. Moreover, all activities, files, project are stored and documents, task progress can be opened by the project users only. The Task management tracks time spent on each task of the project with the help of an integrated group calendar. Most noteworthy, Extranet projects can be created to keep partners or clients in a loop with your project progress.


Project Collaboration

Want to know why we say Bitrix24 is the best project management software available in the market? The answer is its fantastic Project collaboration. With the software, connecting people from different places becomes easy. It almost brings everyone on the same page of the book. You can collaborate with various co-workers, contractors, clients or external users. The social connectivity and project collaboration which involves data sharing, video chats, conference calls are just a click away with Bitrix24 by your side.


Document Management

You must have felt lost in the folders, struggled to find a single excel sheet that contains important data of the client. It is a very common issue that business faces when dealing with one or multiple clients, contractors, external public and many more. The placement of data is a sensitive matter and you cannot afford to face any malpractice in crucial credentials and official documents. Similarly, Bitrix24 understand your concern. The software provides one place database management module that enables you to share files, synchronize cross-device documents. You can also save all the documents in another personal drive called Bitrix24 Drive.


Gantt Charts

A sign of the best Project management software is its unmatchable task trackability & Bitrix24 has it like a Pro. The software uses a special chart-based presentation to systematically show project status, task allocation and chronological relationships. As a result, the chart reflects a 360-degree view of the Project. With simple observation, you can understand the status of the on-going project. One of the key benefits of using Gantt Charts is Time management. You can estimate the expected project completion date/ time and also a potential delay in the final project.


Client Management

Certainly, a good project management software is incomplete if it does not help you integrating projects progress and the clients. Above all, Bitrix24 is a complete CRM software and effective client management comes as a default with the software. You can create a task inside your CRM. Bitrix24 enables to send bill invoice to clients after project completion, contact them using email marketing, telephony support etc. Advanced intranet smoothly gives exposure to all your activities. Similarly, you can share highlights of your work socially and people from your business circle can like, suggest, comment etc.


That is to say, every business is different and operates at a different level. It can range from a solo entrepreneur to a big enterprise. Well, Bitrix24 works for all. Moreover,  it can be deployed/used on the cloud or self-hosted on-premise version. Bringing a variety of business tools together, Bitrix24 works as a unified software platform. It meets all your project management and CRM related needs.


Above all, a happy client is a key to successful business. If you manage your projects with such professional assistance, the accidental errors in final outcome are likely to minimize. Bitrix being a well-rounded system provides great support to your employees. This helps employees to perform their best (by saving time wasted on menial tasks), as a result, generates profits for your business and helps you grow!

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