Bitrix Implementer Gold Partner

A customized collaborative project management is the need of today’s business organizations. Bitrix24 is a comprehensive CRM & Project Management solution designed to aid businesses with efficient internal and external resource management. It provides a complete suite of social sharing, communication and management tools for your team.

The Software serves as a powerful CRM tool that helps in creating various reports, contact sharing, customized segmentation of target audience according to departments. It is available on cloud-hosted as well as a self-hosted model. It is a united work space which handles major aspects of daily operations and tasks. It serves as a platform that organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts.

Having Bitrix24 solutions by your side ensures extensive organizational functioning at the personal and group level. It is as an efficient collaboration platform for office which provides easy sharing of important files with its integrated external files options. It facilitates systematic task templates, daily planners, workload planning, custom access rights, invoicing, integrated email accounts which makes planning and implementation of goals easy.


Nevpro provide BITRIX Cloud & On-Premise version services

Bitrix24 add on tools

Ticketing and helpdesk, Knowledge management, Workflow automation, Work reports, Records management Records Management (Lists), Web Forms, E-Learning etc.

Your company definitely deserves such vast collaborative approach to make it a better place where large teams in different locations can work effortlessly and BITRIX 24 is the right tool to manage them head on.