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What is ERP software? How does it work?

Enterprise resource planning acronymed ERP is at its essence an industry standard term for managing information across an organisation or in your case school. To understand how ERP software works, let us take a step back and think of all the processes required to run a school, including managing student data, human resource, school supplies, exam and report management, transport management, and beyond. I bet you must have a database to keep track of your student records, another system manages your school supplies or warehouse, an accounting system takes care of all the financial needs and lastly you must have a bunch of excel sheets to keep track of the remaining information you could not fit into either of these system. However, the problem with this kind of structure is they are islands of information; scattered. They do not share information among each other. You may think that it is okay to have different systems as long as you are getting your work done; while, in reality it is affects efficiency and thus costs you money.

This is where ERP software comes to your help. ERP software centralizes the information of your school and connects various systems into one. Collaboration is crucial for successful running of any organisation. Days of each department functioning separately are long gone. ERP software streamlines processes by preventing data re-entry, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. The information is always consistent across various departments of your school. ERP software will help run your school better as all the information you need is at one place, there is no dependency; you can access information, performance reports, or budget information whenever and wherever you want. The best part, you have to maintain only one system instead of four or perhaps more.

Why should schools and colleges have a system?

Education sector is one of the largest growing sectors in India today. With nearly 28 percent of the population falling under the age bracket of 0-14 years, no wonder new schools are coming up every other day in the city. Today education system has evolved far beyond the traditional student-teacher knowledge exchange. It is more of a human resource development platform comprising of various elements of teachers, students, parents, alumni, non-teaching staff, etc. However, it is not easy to maintain every record from student reports, faculty information, salary, transport facilities, library management manually with excel sheet or paper work. This is when an educational ERP software like Nev Campus Pro, comes into the picture. When our classrooms are getting digital, can the administration stay behind? Technology is changing and to tackle these changes, educational institutes need to get proactive.

The institutions these days make the best use of technology to enhance productivity using educational ERP software. It is a one-umbrella concept. Gone are the days when we had different management modules like student management, library management, HRMS, etc. With ERP, it is all under one roof. Here are some of the benefits of a school management system:

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy: One of the main benefits offered with ERP software is that it is efficient. It can generate reports faster and helps eliminate human error.
  • Real-time data: The data maintained in ERP software is up to date and available to authorised users at any given time.
  • Cost Effective: ERP software system is cost effective as the number of employees associated with data handling is reduced, it also takes less time, effort, and money to update an ERP software.
  • Combining data on one platform: As previously mentioned, it is a one-umbrella concept.
  • Data Security: In ERP software, data is securely stored on the server. It has various mechanisms that ensure data confidentiality.

An educational institute is an organisation where transparency and accountability is of utmost importance. Today teachers, students and parents everybody is accountable for the well-being of the student.

Transparency in School Management

It is important that we have a system where the grades, reports, home assignments, behaviour, every small-big detail is transparent. There are a number of examples, which suggest positive changes, and improved academics in students because of this transparent approach.

Another benefit that transparency offers is to help parents be in the loop for the overall social well being of their children.

Transparent collaboration helps teaching, improves academics and takes care of the well-being of the students. With Nev Campus Pro ERP software, you can easily channel your administration efforts to potential areas of improvement.

Parents’ communication portal

A few decades back parents’ teacher communications were limited to annual parent-teacher meetings. However, the neo parents do not approve that. They want more ways to stay connected with the teachers or school authorities. A proper interaction between parents and teachers is highly recommended for the progress of the child’s personality and for their safety. That being said, parents and teachers alike have a busy schedule today. They may not find enough time to go through every detail of their children. This is where Nev Campus Pro’s parental portal comes handy.

Parent can login to the portal at their convenience at any given time. There will be different information like, fee structure, child’s performance, and chat options. Dashboards provide child’s performance and facilitate communication between parents and teachers. The student’s performance is well monitored; they can take necessary measures wherever necessary.

Digitizing student progress report

Report cards do tell us the marks obtained in exams. What they lack is the complete picture. Data analysis helps institutions make better decisions, devise solutions based on evidence rather than bias, and helps build a more data-driven culture. Now a day, students decide at a very early age what they want to pursue in life.

Using your school ERP software, you can monitor what sort of assignments your student does better on, what methodologies seem to work, and what subject areas naturally interest them. This results in the better classroom and home learning engagement from a student

Nev Campus Pro ERP software is a comprehensive solution, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at improving the quality of education management.

Some of the features of NevCampusPro are:

  • Academic Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fee Management
  • Library Management
  • Reports Management
  • Payroll management
  • Notification and alerts
  • Timetable Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Human Resource Management

There is a lot you can do with NevCampusPro ERP software. From the point of admission until the student completes schooling, all the data is taken care of. If you think this is it. NevCampusPro also helps your campus be future ready. How? Well, with the vast amount of analysis performed at each level, strategic planning will be data driven. Your institution can be proactive and apply a holistic learning and teaching environment. This definitely creates an edge, while other institutions boast about better teaching quality; you go the extra mile by revealing trends specific to your school.

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