Amazon Repricer

Being a seller at Amazon’s marketplace has its own challenges. Its highly competitive platform can decrease your sales if your competitor has lowered his price for the product that you sell as well. To keep up with this, you would need to hire resources to keep a track of all SKUs that you have uploaded in the marketplace. The job of such a resource would be to continuously monitor each product’s market trend and price your product accordingly so that you end up having more sales. Imagine automating this process with the help of softwares.

Nevpro’s A-repricer does exactly that for you. You can set your range amount by which the software would reduce the display price just below the lowest bidder. You can also set a bottom final price beyond which you do not intend to sell. If the bottom price is reached, A-repricer would simply de-activate the product entry.

Use our product and see the increase in your sales through Amazon.