What Makes Odoo, Odoo?

What Makes Odoo, Odoo?

Odoo had very humble beginnings as a lightweight ERP designed for startups and SMEs, today Odoo is one of the biggest ERP and CRM solutions with 45 tools. Today, it is a CRM and enterprise resource planning catering to industries of all sizes with a worldwide presence as well. As an Odoo development company in India, we have been approached by clients who were impressed by Odoo’s integration ability, comprehensive customizability, and the sheer number of modules that can be permutated and combined to create the perfect ERP and CRM for your business. As an Odoo consulting company, we have helped companies with just that, creating bespoke Odoo solutions. Let us know some of the biggest advantages of Odoo and understand the growth of the ERP and CRM.

Modules and Modules

As of Jan 2020, Odoo has a total of 45 tools spread across 8 modules, the sheer number of modules means that companies can leverage the exact tools and modules to create business solutions that cater to all their demands and expectations.

Odoo provides seamlessly integrated functional business apps called Odoo apps that form an ERP solution when combined. As an Odoo development company in India, we recommend many clients to choose Odoo instead of any other ERP or CRM solutions, mainly due to the customizability and the large tool inventory.    

User Friendly

There are many ERP solutions that can be said as having better performance, better tools, lower pricing, and more. But the one defining feature of Odoo ERP system has been its easy-to-use interface, which in turn created a small learning curve. An intuitive front end meant that anyone and everyone could easily use the Odoo ERP.  From the beginning, no ERP solutions placed importance on user-friendliness and intuitive front end as much as Odoo. As an Odoo consulting company, many a time we recommended Odoo ERP development services for their user-friendliness.


This is a bit of an advantage and disadvantage depending on how you look at it. Odoo software upgrades and updates many of its services. And there are entirely new tools, new third-party integrations, and more. So the maintenance can seem like a tedious task, new additions to the ERP software mean that employees need new training, new internal training materials, and more. And when it comes to adding new features to Odoo, the clients will need an expert team of Odoo developers. As Odoo development company, we have helped many clients to maintain their ERP.


Another point of Odoo that has multiple facets to it, is the pricing of the solution, Odoo ERP can be incredibly customizable ERP, but the pricing is complicated, for example, the price difference between an inhouse tool and a third party tool will be 35x more than the price of the in-house tool. The pricing plans get even more complicated when a new member is added, its been said that it might cost more than a premium account to add a new member with some extra tools. As an Odoo consulting company in India, we have helped many clients to get the best of Odoo without breaking the bank.   

Odoo studio

If you haven’t found your perfect tool with a list of tools provided, then you can head to Odoo studio to create your application.  The studio is a drag and drops affair, creating custom workflows, reports, and more.

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