Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) :

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a directory service protocol that runs on a layer above the TCP/IP stack which provides a mechanism used to connect, search and modify Internet directories.

The LDAP directory service is based on a client-server model which enable users to access an existing directory.

The associated LDAP API is used for writing Internet directory service applications.

It is applicable to directory management and browser applications that do not have directory service support as their primary function. LDAP is neither applicable to creating directories nor it specifies how a directory service operates.

What is required?

1.Python-ldap libraries
2.ldap module – (Authentication via LDAP)

How to Configure:

1. Execute “dsquery user” command on Server to get list of binddn of users
2. Go to Settings, click on Company and then click on Configuration
3. LDAP Server Address : (Server IP on which AD is installed)
4. LDAP Server Port : 389
5. LDAP binddn : CN=dummy user,CN=Users,DC=nevpro,DC=it,DC=local (binddn which we get after firing “dsquery user” command on server)
6. LDAP password : [password of user mentioned in binddn]
7. LDAP base : CN=Users,DC=nevpro,DC=it,DC=local (base DN)
8. LDAP filter : sAMAccountName=%s (no spaces + case Sensitive)
9. Create User : True
10. Template User : Select Template User (already created dummy user in openerp for template dont give password to that template user)
11. Refer Description of LDAP (Authentication with Odoo) module for further details.


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    • Khoa

      How to test it working ? when i fill corect information, saved, can not test it ok ?
      when i login from odoo with username and password corect, say that : wrong password, HOW ?

      • Vicky Chawda

        There is no direct way to test the configuration.
        You have to properly set up User and Password in Active Directory set up allowing the proper Domain Controller in Place then only it will get authenticated by LDAP.
        with that you also need to create and provide one template user in Odoo for every LDAP User.

        Could you give me the steps you used, so that I can assist you.

    • Jean Jonathan ARRA


      I need some help I try to configure the ldap module in Odoo. Please help it’s about dead or alive.

      • Vicky Chawda

        Hi Jean Jonathan ARRA,

        Tell me what kind of help you need in Configuring odoo ldap? apart from above blog.

    • Uttam

      Nice blog ….keep it up…………!

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