9 Benefits of Developing a Mobile App For Your Business in 2022

The year 2020 has brought about so many changes in the way we lead our lives and the way we access information online. This blog highlights the 9 Benefits of Developing a Mobile App For Your Business and why 2020, of all times, is the best time to do so.

Let’s start with the Basics

What is mobile app development?

In simple words, mobile app development means the creation of an app that enables your business to connect and interact with your customers through the medium of a mobile platform.

Some Background

For companies to flourish in today’s digital world, they must consider having a mobile application of their own. According to the sources, 96% of Americans own smartphones of some kind. For companies to flourish, it has become increasingly important for them to have their own mobile application. With an addition of a platform that showcases and sells their products and / or services has provided them with an extra revenue stream and positively impacted their turnover. From small-sized businesses to large-scale enterprises, every business should unleash the potential of mobility.

So what are the 9 Benefits of Developing a Mobile App For Your Business in 2020

1. More audience now

With the pandemic virus outbreak, more number of people are spending their time online and the devices being used are mostly mobile phones and tablets. Think about it – Businesses should take advantage of this situation and go online, perform branding, paid Ads, and SEO activities, and finally sell their products and services online.

Majority Spending time in their mobile phones

2. The easiest route to connect to the customers

The mobile app for companies is the easiest route to connect to customers. It allows companies to connect with them via promotions, ads, or any business-related notification. The customers would get all the business information at their fingertips. Having a mobile app for your company will bring you one step closer to your customer’s needs.

3. Best marketing tool to develop business

Having a mobile app for your business module will give you exposure to the best product/service marketing. Companies can communicate more powerfully and effectively with the use of mobile applications. They can increase business leads by sending promotions, notifications, and updates to customers via the mobile app. It is a win-win situation for the companies and their customers. Companies can get to send across their promotional activities and customers would get access to it in a single tap. It is very convenient for customers to know the company’s whereabouts through a mobile app. Also to increase customer loyalty, companies can help customers by providing their best services without any interruption by a third party.

4. Increased Turnovers

Companies have the leverage for creating their brand awareness through the mobile application which would be accessible to millions of people, globally. They can integrate the in-app purchase feature to promote their product updates. The majority of people find it easier to buy the product online which naturally increases the turnover of the company. To increase the sales of the company’s products/services, having a mobile application is a must.

5. Focus on the core area

Companies should focus on their core area and try to convert it into a mobile platform for iOS or Android app development. Make a unique identity for your business module that would stand apart from others.

6. Increased visibility

With the development of a mobile application, your company might get access to millions of people globally. You might get recognized everywhere in this world of digitalization with all the Google analytics, SEO, social media sharing, and word of mouth. With the right approach and promotional tactics, you might win over the market you target for.

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7. Flexibility in business

Your business will run smoothly if you cross-check the market requirements and meet the needs by updating the app accordingly. In this way, companies would get to know where they are lacking, what is working for them, and what is not.

8. Proposing a competitive edge

It is not impossible for a company to be well-known amongst others. If a company has a mobile application, it can make changes according to the customer’s need and send out a notification about an updated version of an app. Regular updates in an app would help your company to have a competitive edge over others. This might retain your customers and you might get to create a strong business base for your company.

9. Cost-effective tool

The main aim of a company is to minimize the cost and efforts of laborers. Having a mobile application would minimize the cost of newspaper ads, hoardings, or signboards. Implementation of the mobile app will not only save the cost to the company but increase profits too.

To Summarize

In the world of digitalization having a mobile application for your company would take your business to another level. Your business would experience online exposure where you would have to deal with your customers directly. There would be no third party involved between your company and the targeted customers. The mobile app will increase your market reach and get you better leads than ever because more than 87% of people spend their time on apps than on the web.


According to the US market, popular and successful iPhone and Android apps are Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza USA, Shell, Nike, UPS, and many more.

If your business module doesn’t have an iOS or an android app, now is the right time to integrate it. At Nevpro, we develop highly optimized Mobile Applications in Android and iOS platforms that not only look appealing but also help in delivering a good user experience, increasing accessibility, and brand awareness, and generating leads, feedback, and ultimate sales for your organization. We are constantly connecting people and technology to deliver astonishing user experience and supporting businesses from various fields by providing the best CRM system & strong Digital marketing solutions.

If you are running a B2C business and do not have a mobile app for your own business yet, you are definitely missing out on precious leads and digital marketing strategies to grow your market value and reputation. Statistics reveal that the number of people spending more time on mobile has almost superseded desktop users. In such a competitive scenario, your presence in the form of a customized mobile application gives your business an edge over the competition.

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  6. In simple words, mobile app development means the creation of an app that enables your business to connect and interact with your customers through the medium of a mobile platform.

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