6 Reasons Why You Should Use Amazon Advertising

Amazon has become a buzzword nowadays. It was discovered to help sellers with online sales; however, Amazon has gained so much popularity that it has become a big advertising giant. Due to the broad customer base, this shopping platform gives tough competition to Google & Facebook in the advertising field. Yes, it holds the third position when it comes to the biggest online advertisement platform worldwide.

Pictorial representation of Amazon Advertising

You will be surprised to know that Amazon has nearly 300 million daily active users, and around 55% of shoppers use Amazon directly to find the product. It would not be wrong to say that Amazon is beating Google in product search in such a situation.

The best thing about Amazon advertising is that it allows both its seller and non-seller to advertise. Business owners not only use Amazon ads to increase sales but also to promote their brand. Several Amazon advertising software help sellers run ad campaigns effectively, like ScaleInsights, Camelcamelcamel, Teikametrics. You can also grow your business with Amazon PPC. Read on to learn the benefits of Amazon advertising.

  1. Boost Your Sales

Amazon advertising is the best option for you to elevate your sales. The reason is that it is the biggest online retailer, and its users are ready to buy. You might not know that the conversion rate of Amazon is around 10 times greater than other platforms. One of the unique things about this online shopping site is that it allows you to use long-tail keywords. For instance, in Google PPC, you can enter black high heels, whereas, on Amazon, you can add a search keyword as 8-inch black high heels. Apart from this, most Amazon buyers know what they exactly want and use long-tail search terms; this will keep your CPC pretty low.

  1. Increase Visibility

If you are an Amazon seller, you must know how tough it is to rank the product higher. However, sponsored product ads can help in this context. Such ads increase your product visibility and drive a good amount of traffic as most of the shoppers click on the products on the 1st page. It is pretty difficult to place a product on the first page organically; a lot of feedback and rating is required. But, with the help of paid ads, even the new buyer can come on top of the list.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

As mentioned above, Amazon ads are not just for increasing sales but also for improving brand awareness. Currently, around 60% of ads run on Amazon to increase brand awareness. There are billions of buyers on this online shopping platform, which is continuously increasing. And shoppers will purchase your product if they know it. That’s what Amazon advertising is all about. If you also want to introduce your brand to global buyers, start with Amazon ads today.

  1. Boost App Download

If you think that Amazon ads are just about selling T-shirts and photo frames, you are wrong. You can also build an Amazon campaign to invite users to download your business or any other app. Amazon runs your app ads on Amazon Fire & Android devices to increase the number of downloads. Although you can advertise your app with other PPC platforms, none allow you to pay 5 cents per click instead of Amazon.

  1. Great For Remarketing

Sometimes the situation comes when we want to put our brand in front of buyers who have already seen the ad; it’s called remarketing. Amazon lets you retarget such buyers.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution

Although Amazon is a bit behind Google & Facebook in the advertising race, it is more affordable. Also, its conversion rate is higher than these two social media channels. And with the assistance of Amazon advertising software, the campaigns become more reliable and affordable.

Wrapping Up-:

Amazon offers different types of ad campaigns like Sponsored products, Sponsored brand campaigns, Product display ads, Video ads, Amazon native ads. You need to learn about the unique features of each of these ds before running a campaign.

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