5 Reasons Why Companies Should Choose Odoo ERP

Companies are trying to be different by providing different products and services, or even in the approach to finding solutions, or even the delivery of their products and services. Companies are choosing applications and solutions to be as productive, increase collaboration, track communications, streamline sales, and more. There are solutions too which cater to many of the metrics mentioned, so how is a company supposed to choose a solution which can cater to all their problems, as an Odoo customization company in India we have helped many companies to integrate Odoo into their existing systems. Below are some of the reasons why our clients chose Odoo to integrate into.

Odoo software provides seamlessly integrated functional business apps called Odoo apps that form an ERP solution when combined.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Odoo was one of the first ERP solutions to integrate real-time data analytics into their ERP and CRM solutions. Odoo ERP can extract business data from communications, charts, and more. Odoo ERP Solutions can give users insights into sales activities, marketing activities, and workflows. These insights can give the companies information about what kind of sales and marketing is working, and what kind of workflows are the most productive. With our Odoo customization services, many companies have been able to achieve their sales and marketing goals. 

Real Collaboration

As an Odoo customization company in India, many of our clients have different solutions for different departments of the company. For example, for accounting and invoicing have a different solution than collaboration, and another one for communication. Having these different solutions means there is a difficulty in communication, there is difficulty with being up to date on different tasks, and more. As an Odoo customization company, we have helped companies to bring all their employees under one platform. 

Feature Rich Modules

As an Odoo customization company, many clients tell us that the reason there integrating into Odoo due to the feature-rich modules of Odoo. Unlike many other ERP solutions, the Odoo modules are well rounded, for example, some enterprise resource planning solutions cater to only one kind of industry. There are ERPs which is exclusively used by manufacturing industries, some ERPs used by construction companies, some used exclusively by retail. Odoo has multiple modules which cater to many different industries. The desire to leverage the modules has made us a sought-after Odoo customization company.     

UI and UX

As mentioned before, many ERPs are industry and sector-specific, so ERP providers will feature modules above the usability of the solution. Odoo ERP has been an ERP where UI and UX are on part with the quality of their features. As an Odoo customization company, many of our clients chose Odoo due to its ease of use, easy navigation, visual customizability, and more. There are constant changes to UI and UX, which makes the ERP software more usable.


Odoo ERP is not a one-trick pony and Odoo enterprise resource planning is also the fastest-growing solution as well. Odoo ERP system is preferred by startups as well as industry giants. This just shows the positive effects and efficiency of the entire system. 

We offer a complete range of Odoo ERP implementations & customization. Our team comprises of qualifies experts who have extensive experience in the Odoo ERP customization and Odoo implementation. At Nevpro, we understand your business requirements and provide exclusive tailor-made Odoo ERP solutions to help your business unleash its true potential in the global marketplace and grow extensively!

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