Steps to Send SMS from application to Mobile number

Steps to Send SMS from application to Mobile number

We can send SMS via our application to the customer’s mobile number.

You can download odoo 9.0 apps i.e. sms_frame. This application will give all the interface, wizards, outgoing SMS history, Template etc.

Also you have to do configurations for any of the service provider’s SMS gateway.

For SMS Framework, download from the below link:


There is one apps of Twilio SMS Gateway in which you have to enter the configurations details for setup.

For Twilio SMS Gateway, download from the below link:


For Free trial,

you will get Twilio gateway credential to send 10 SMS Every day.

signup :


Followings are the screenshot of SMS Framework,

After installations of Twilio SMS Framework, you will gwt that SMS menu will visible in Setting Menu.

Settings–>SMS Menu has submenu,

1.Accounts : Configurations Setup of Twiliio account

2.Mobile Number : Stored mobile number i.e. Outgoing (setup)

3.Messages: Display all the sent, failed etc. Status SMS

4.Template: You can make template and send to customer.



To send sms from customer’s menu.

Select customer and click on action–>SMS Partner




You can do customization as per your requirements. Contact Nevpro Business Solutions for more information.

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