Nevpro’s school management system

9 reason why having School management system is important

EDUNAGE– Nevpro’s school management system is a comprehensive solution, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at improving the quality of education management.

We offer customized School Management System, also popularly known as Education Management System or College Management System, that could centralize and automate every existing process in an educational institution. With a multi-institution setup within a single instance, this school management software system can act as a robust backbone to your institution providing you the support needed for the smooth functioning of the day to day operations.
Our school management ERP software allows schools and other educational institutions to store all of their information electronically. All the data about Students, Staff, Results, Management can be easily monitored using Nevpro’s school management system solution to help improve the efficiency of the organization.
Being web-based in nature, this school management system software can be accessed from any location. Our ERP for school management system highly configurable access control management enables admins to provide visibility to only those areas where the user is authorized to access. Further customizations can also be made depending on institutions requirements.

1.Managing Student records including history

  • Manage your student operations from registering their Public / Personal Information.
  • Keep track of their educational history, Daily / Weekly assignments and additional features like library details, invoicing details etc.
  • The application provides features like generating Student ID, Library Cards, Certificates etc.
  • It allows viewing Student Attendances between particular period.
  • A central dashboard is provided.

2.Faculty records

  • Easily manage all Faculty details like Basic Information, Time table details, Library details as well as other information.
  • Faculty Dashboard provides a Summarized view of activities to keep track of it.
  • The data are well protected for personal use and makes the data processing very fast.This system objectives of easily and maintainable information.
  • We are providing an online facility that any faculty can access any place anywhere that the user can interact with the faculty management system.
Faculty records

3.Admission Management

  • The Module manages the admission process of both new and old students.
  • Fully integrated with the Fee module and accounts section.
  • Highly integrated Admission Management feature enables to smoother the process.
  • It automatically creates a student once the admission process over. Thus making it a complete Educational Solution.
  • Admission management module supports the student admission and registration process, It maintains the student personal, academic and fees related data.
Admission Management

4.Lecture Time-table

  • This solution provides user to plan their lecture schedule in an effective manner.
  • All the classes timetables are maintained in the system, each staff
  • Time Table module is easy and you can schedule your school timetable with great ease.
  • It also allows users to print the timetables which can be used for various purpose.
Lecture Time-table


  • Exam Management is managed in an efficient manner.
  • Exam management module that can be effectively used to create examination schedules.
  • A user can define their Exam templates, can allocate Exam Resources (Supervisor) can track Exam attendees, etc.
  • Exam management fully integrated with Students and Results.
  • Print student report card, exam results analysis by class, subjects and much more.

6.Integration of SMS gateways and Email gateways

  • This features can bring in a whole new way of communicating with parents, students through the interface of this system.
  • General SMS & Email to students & staff.
  • SMS to absentees.

7.Email to students with the attachment of assignments.

  • Complete Information System
  • With the portal in place, one can consider shifting all information from the traditional notice board onto the school ERP software where information is passed on to the relevant person with ease.

8.Document Management

  • All necessary documents that are currently being generated in the school can be designed to be generated by the system itself once the necessary information for the documents is in place.
  • Documents can also be mailed to the concerned person and hence a go-green initiative can be adopted.

9.Generating Reports

  • Reporting system wherein performance of a student could be evaluated over a period of time.