How To Manage Manufacturing Orders In Odoo?

How To Manage Manufacturing Orders In Odoo?

Let’s say we want count of all manufacturing orders in progress state and then display that count in menu for user understanding.

Steps To Follow:-

1.Inherit manufacturing class and IrNeedactionMixin class (class used to get count on menu) and define the state field.

class mrp_production(models.Model):

_name = ‘mrp.production’

_inherit = [‘mrp.production’,’ir.needaction_mixin’]

state = fields.Selection([(‘draft’,’New’),(‘picking_except’, ‘Picking Exception’),                                                                      (‘confirmed’,’Waiting Goods’),(‘in_production’,’In Progress’),                                                   (‘cancel’,’Cancelled’),(‘done’,’Manufacturing Completed’),                                                                  (‘under_inspection’,’Under Inspection’)],’State’, readonly=True)

2.Define def _needaction_domain_get and set the domain for the count(For our exmaple state = ‘in_production’)


def _needaction_domain_get(self):

return [(‘state’, ‘=’,’in_production’)]

This will display total number of manufacturing orders “In progress” state.

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