ERP in 2016 – Past, Present and Future of ERP Software Solutions

ERP Softwares being a very  important part of any business process holds its position in their list as well. Gone are the days when people relied on cumbersome paperwork and erp software solution was used only by big companies to carry outheck load of work seamlessly in a efficient manner. When we look some years back, there was a day when small businesses were completely clueless about ERP solutions. “What is ERP Software?” was a question that was asked a lot in organizations, at times even by people involved in Enterprise Resource Planning. And there is today when every person could answer the same “what is an erp system” question in their own way. ERP softwares is been used by most of the organizations these days, be it a giant business or a small organization. ERP software solution has already proven its worth and capabilities helping millions of organization carry their unique processes efficiently.         Talking about ERP Systems in 2015 it goes without saying that the year has been very eventful or should say “ERP ful”. The year witnessed some great launches and modification by the key players in the field of ERP Softwares. According to a research by Gartner, not only the number of erp solution providers increased but the features and functionalities being provided by ERP software providers also increased by a significant margin. Many new platforms were introduced taking top erp software to yet another level. erp software solutions were used mostly by integrating it with CRM softwares leveraging ERP systems to the fullest. ERP CRM was trend of the year. Businesses opted for customized ERP software solutions to run processes the way they want. The chrysalis in 2015 about ERP systems leaves no doubt that ERP software trends and haps in 2016 is going to be just as action-packed with several predictions coming to pass.

Here is a look at the episodes we think will lead the way for ERP and ERP software companies in 2016:

  • Enterprise Solutions in your palms

With mobile devices outstripping the use of Desktop based ERP softwares & predictions of a smartphone being the only kind of computing device you will need for all your work including ERP management in the coming years, it’s inevitable that ERP Systems extend its usefulness to mobile. This has led more ERP software companies to jump on the mobile bandwagon, launching apps, developing mobile friendly features and UIs. Since so many of ERP Systems core features, like dashboards and reporting, do well on mobile, most of the ERP software company avail it to people through mobiles making it more convenient. ERP solution providers have included mobile-friendliness as rule rather than an exception.

  • Forget hardware, cloud is the new choice for ERP Systems

A study performed by Garter study concludes that by 2018, at least 30 percent of companies that are involved in providing services will have most of their ERP Systems moved to cloud erp. With the high upfront costs of ERP being a deterrent for many, SaaS ERP Software Solutions and cloud-based ERP System models have proven to be a preferred option. The big fish erp solution providers have taken the step to come forward and make variations and advancement by putting out out and better platforms to organizations and small and medium sized ERP software vendors. While on-site ERP Systems is unlikely to go anywhere for a whilst, hybrids and more cloud ERP software solutions are emerging. This prediction has been floating around for a year or more, but 2016 will see ERP solutions offering more sophisticated deconstructed suites that largely run on the cloud to keep pace with market demand.

  • Data Security powering ERP Solutions

2015 was a scandalous year for ERP Software Solutions and ERP Software Vendors with the year witnessing some of major security breaches and data loss. Though the gaint ERP software companies seem to have jumped up and take action in the matter coming up with platforms and advancement to provide a better and powerful data security for ERP Systems. More organizations will put into place security audits and risk management plans for ERP Software Solutions, as the world becomes more connected. Further, as the Internet of Things proceeds to become a reality, more data is becoming available from things like electronics, vehicles, and wearables, and it the coming years its how ERP Solutions are gonna be accessible. Analysis and actionable insights that can be gleaned from all this big data need tools that an ERP Systems will be able to provide.

  • Connecting People with ease through ERP

ERP CRM was the thing of the year. With the globe shifting to social, businesses have moved from using ERP Systems simply for creation of records, maintenance of data and other pure management work, ERP Softwares today are integrated with CRM to act as social ERP Systems connecting employees and customers at the same time. ERP systems have eased the task of communication giving way to a broader reach and a better experience for everyone in the organization on the whole.Today ERP software solutions are heading towards minimal, intuitive design that is built around the user’s approach to the software, and that is the path it will stay on. With the coming of mobile, the user experience will need to be catered to multiple devices, smaller screen sizes, and touch screens. Top ERP software vendors are also cleaning up their products, making them easier to implement upfront, reducing costs and time. Easily customized or ‘verticalized ERP Software solutions’, which are available out-of-box, help the cost-cutting cause.

This ‘ERP System goes social’ trend is on the rise and seems like it will be the talk of the year for 2016 as well with so many promising feature packed versions from big ERP software companies on their way to launch. While the jury is out on its true benefits, there is no denying that in theory there is a lot to be gained from the customer engagement that will come from integration of ERP Systems with social media. Social media data on customers will facilitate understanding of behaviours and preferences that will lead to product improvement and development.

  • Small fishes head towards the big ERP ocean

With ERP software vendors offering greater customization than ever before, ERP is no longer just for the large enterprises. Customization makes it easy for any and every business to go for an ERP System by making the ERP Software Solutions designed round the processes of their organization. Customization has made ERP software solution expand its reach and offer cost effective and simpler erp software for small business. ERP is no longer a thing only for big software enterprises, the awareness extends now to every field and every organization be it big, medium or small. construction erp software, ERP for manufacturing and School ERP Software sales saw a heightened increase. More cloud-based options suggest the cost conscious can consider going for ERP systems for their organization. Customized ERP software solutions has empowered even the startups to consider options other than spreadsheets for their operations, allowing them to take into account future business growth. With the promise of mobility with so many of the features, more small enterprises are hopping on board in the league of ERP Softwares.

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