Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions


Our ERP software solutions offer your business a complete business process management software that would allow you to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate various back office functions related to technologies, human resources, and services. This open source ERP software integrates all the facets of an operation- product planning, manufacturing, development, marketing, and sales.

Nevpro’s enterprise resource planning systems are comparable to enterprise applications as it is designed to be used by large businesses and often requires teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment unlike another hand small business ERP applications that are lightweight business software solutions customized for the industry you work in.

ERP Software Modules

We are the only ERP solution providers offering ERP software solutions that consist of multiple enterprise software modules which can be individually purchased, depending on what best meets the specific technical capabilities of the organization. Each ERP module is focused on a single area of business processes, such as marketing or product development. A business can use ERP software to manage all the back-office activities like: Distribution process management, services knowledge base, supply chain management , employee life cycle, standardize critical business procedures, project planning, assess business needs, accounting and financial applications, reduce redundant tasks, manage human resources and payroll, lower purchasing cost, material purchasing, distribution, inventory control, accounting, marketing and so on.The basic aim of using an enterprise resource planning solution is to provide one central repository for all information that is shared by the various ERP facets to improve the flow of data across the organization.

How can enterprise resource planning solutions help your business?

Nevpro’s ERP software solutions help in integrating the information across all functions to provide a centralized resource that simplifies data and helps in decision-making. In today’s growing business competition, there can be a lot of uncertainty due to global economics, increasing demand cut-throat competition, and very high customer expectations. A business that needs to adapt constantly to survive in such a dynamic and complex landscape. Our ERP software company customizes and designs ERP modules tailored to meet your needs and provide you a competitive edge to help you survive in this competitive world.

Following are the benefits of ERP:

As various business units deliver more information, decision-makers enjoy good control. Real-time data flowing can improve business insight. Vital data such as cash spent, cash received and how each unit is performing can be easily accessed by companies. Decision and Forecasting can help enterprises adapt and transform business functions to meet the market and customers’ requirements.
  • Simplified and rationalized business processes: ERP helps to streamline processes, thus ensuring smoother workflow and better communication between various departments. Automation ensures the clear and error-free flow of information making processes simpler and more responsive.
  • Increased employee efficiency: ERP systems can provide employees with the right data at their fingertips that can empower functions and increase their productivity. Thus they can have more time to devote to core jobs than having to search information. Easier access to data and improved decision-making can enhance creativity and employee attitudes. Inter-departmental information can get them to view the larger picture and see how their functions have an overall impact.
  • An integrated ecosystem: An organization can have better integration when all its stakeholders are aligned to each other’s needs, common goal and objectives. ERP can bring together all the units of an ecosystem – vendors, alliance partners, customers and support functions. Streamlining of the different units will definitely improve the performance.
  • Be future ready: ERP systems can help an organization grow by adapting to tomorrow’s needs and be more flexible. Businesses can be ready for challenges with better planning and control, and proper integration and flow of information.