Fields view get in Odoo

Fields view get  in Odoo Fields view get in Odoo In Odoo, views are implemented with the help of XML files. Each XML file always consists of form views, list views, kanban views and etc. Every view has its own structure where we usually place input fields from users.Many times, we are not sure with the exact view of form, also a number of fields […]

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Web service in OpenERP

Web service in OpenERP As per client’s requirement, we had to integrate PayPal services into our application, for that we used the Web services for that we have done:- OpenERP use REST Web services to handle all type of request. To make web service in OpenERP below sample code is used: CODE:

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Give Access Rights To Custom Module

Give Access Rights To Custom Module. Odoo is made up of various core modules also known as official modules.These modules are related to different business processes such Sale, Purchase, Accounting, Human Resources etc. In an organization with different departments and number of users belonging to those departments, it always crucial for management to have proper access rights defined per module. Odoo security features maps this […]

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Menu Inheritance in Odoo

how to Menu Inheritance in Odoo. This blog is about how to Menu Inheritance in Odoo.Many times we develop custom module but we get in a dilemma that how we can modify the attributes for existing menu items. What we would like to do is remove the original menu item so that users in that group can’t see it. So to achieve this in Odoo we need to […]

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Mass Mailing in Odoo v8

How to do Mass Mailing in Odoo v8 This blog is all about Mass Mailing in Odoo v8. Odoo’s Mass Mailing module allows you to easily send mass mails to your contacts, leads, opportunities, and customers. You can track the performance of mailing campaigns to improve conversion rates. It gives a feature to design professional email templates and reuse templates in just a few clicks.

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Implementation of Field View Function

How to implementation of Field View Function This blog is all more about how to Implementation of Field View Function in odoo.In our application we had two servers one is the main server and the other one is its copy with the same fields known as branch server, but we got the requirement from client that in main server we need to create the record […]

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Message Subtypes in Odoo

Message Subtypes in Odoo Most of the time in Odoo multiple users work on one particular record or document like sale order, Invoice, Tasks etc. In such scenarios, it becomes extremely important to track changes done by every individual against that document. It helps management to find any possible reason in the case of any issue occurs. Odoo provides this feature to great extent with […]

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How to take Automated backups in Odoo

Automated backups in Odoo In this blog, we will see how to automatically take Automated backups in Odoo. Thanks to the backup module that integrates with Odoo. First, download the module.Unzip this folder, you’ll now have a (module folder) Now navigate to where your Odoo is located and paste the folder “module folder” in the “addons” folder. Now that, a module is in your addons […]

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Odoo Accounting Memento For Entrepreneurs

Important of Odoo Accounting Memento For Entrepreneurs This post is all about Odoo Accounting Memento For Entrepreneurs. The Profit and Loss (P&L) report shows the performance of the company over a specific period (usually the current year). The Gross Profit equals the revenues from sales minus the cost of goods sold. Operating Expenses (OPEX) include administration, sales, and R&D salaries as well as rent and […]

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ORM Method: Name search in Odoo

ORM Method: Name search in Odoo This blog is all about ORM Method: Name search in Odoo.  As per one of our customer requirement, In HR module, in employee search form they wanted to display some particular kind of records in one search result, there were many fields and status that we had in our one record, and for all we needed to filter them […]

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