Bitix 24 Solution | CRM | Project Management System – Nevpro


Bitrix24 is a comprehensive CRM & Project Management solution that consists of features such as online collaboration, document sharing, tasking, CRM, Calender scheduling, Search and Email sending functionalities. It is available on cloud-hosted as well as self-hosted model. With a social-networking like interface in place, Bitrix makes communication with co-workers and customers more effective. These communications are recorded and available in an easily searchable format which can be reffered to at any point in time. Due to these features, it is also widely used as an intranet portal. Its user-friendly GUI makes it easy to navigate through the system thus understanding the functional flow of the software. With a mobile app version available, this solution could also be accessed through a smartphone or a tablet from remote locations.

Nevpro Business Solutions is a Bronze Partner of Bitrix Solution and can implement both the Cloud as well as On-premise version of this solution.