When we create a report there are times when there is the requirement of publishing the report onto the BI server where the user can access the report at the server level.For that, we need to undergo following steps. To share a report from the Pentaho server, it has to be available in the Pentaho solution repository. To publish the report directly to the Pentaho […]

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OpenERP use REST Web services to handle all type of request

The web services is simple i.e. without any access right involed, its advisable to keep access right to make webservices safe from outside or third party. To make web service in OpenERP below code is used:

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Fields view get in Odoo

Fields view get  in Odoo Fields view get in Odoo In Odoo, views are implemented with the help of XML files. Each XML file always consists of form views, list views, kanban views and etc. Every view has its own structure where we usually place input fields from users.Many times, we are not sure with the exact view of form, also a number of fields […]

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Importing CSV in Bitrix24

How to Import CSV in Bitrix24 This blog post is all about How to Import CSV in Bitrix24. In any of the system Import – Export functionality is very important. Bitrix24 gives a feature to Import all the Masters from CSV or to Export existing data of Bitrix in CSV or Excel format. This feature is available in Contacts, Leads, Companies etc.

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Cloning Rows Using Pentaho Data Integration

Cloning Rows Using Pentaho Data Integration Cloning is a different kind of operation to replication and backups in which the cloned environment is both fully functional and separate in its own right. Additionally, the cloned environment may be modified at its inception due to configuration changes or data subsetting. When there is the need of cloning a certain number of rows Pentaho gives an inbuilt […]

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