How to Implementing Map Component In Dashboard in Pentaho Biserver This Blog is all about Implementing Map Component In Dashboard in Pentaho Biserver.The use of the map for accessing data from different regions is a newly implemented trend in the field of dashboarding where the Business user has the privilege to have a broader perspective on looking into the data from the Google maps. Pentaho has an inbuilt plugin […]

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ORM Method: Name search in Odoo

ORM Method: Name search in Odoo This blog is all about ORM Method: Name search in Odoo.  As per one of our customer requirement, In HR module, in employee search form they wanted to display some particular kind of records in one search result, there were many fields and status that we had in our one record, and for all we needed to filter them […]

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Show all states in Kanban View

The kanban view in Odoo is a kanban board type displays records as “cards”, as a mixture of a list view and a non-editable form view. Records can be merged/grouped in columns for use in workflow display or manipulation (e.g. Customers or Lead-Opportunity management), or ungrouped (used basically to display records).

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How to configure openerp-server.conf for OpenERP

Here are the options that you can use in your openerp-server.conf file to tweak your OpenERP. Common options # Admin password for creating, restoring and backing up databases admin_passwd = admin # default CSV separator for import and export csv_internal_sep = ,

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This post talks about how to implement CCC Bullet Component in pentaho CDE. Pentaho CDE provides a numerous amount of plugin to enhance user end requirements on how to give different kinds of chat views to dashboards and reports.Among one of them is CCC Bullet Chart. The following description shows how to implement CCC bullet chart component in Pentaho CDE.

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“Error: list index out of rangeparagraph text u’’caused exception”

[Solved] : “Error: list index out of rangeparagraph text u'<para></font></para>’ caused exception”. Operating System : Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Openerp version : 7.0 Postgresql version : 9.3 ReportLab version : 3.04

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Secure Server with iptables

There are lots of other things you can do to help secure your web server’s ssh port,but one of the most powerful and flexible is to bring iptables into the mix. Iptables is an applicaiton which provides instructions to the Linux kernel firewall. It provides a (relatively) easy way to view and modify the way the system’s built-in firewall tracks, filters, and transforms the network […]

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Solution to solve the an error of ‘parent class’ in customized module

[Solution] to solve the error of ‘parent class’ in customized module an error of ‘parent class’ in  customized module.As per our client’s requirement, we had to add few functional in existing OpenERP sale module so we implemented it by our custom module without touching the existing module. As per our client’s requirement, we had to add few functional in existing OpenERP sale module so we implemented […]

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Method Decorators in Odoo 8

Method decorators gives the elements to manage two different API styles, namely the “traditional” and “record” styles. In the “traditional” style, parameters like the db cursor, uid, context dictionary and record ids (usually written as cr, uid, context, ids) are passed explicitly to all methods. In the “record” style, those parameters are hidden into model instances, it gives a more object-oriented feel.

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In arithmetic, the range of a set of data is the difference between the largest and smallest values. However, in descriptive statistics, this concept of range has a more complex meaning. The range is the size of the smallest interval which contains all the data and provides an indication of statistical dispersion.

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