Odoo – How to overide ORM Method: name_get

Here is some information on Odoo – How to overide ORM Method: name_get

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How To Set Up Master Slave Replication on PostgreSQL

Sometimes we come across situations wherein data needs to be replicated as it is in another database. In this blog we will see how to set up Master Slave Replication on PostgreSQL using Ubuntu OS.

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How to install SVN for Odoo Development

SVN is an open source version control system used to store historical changes of your project files such as documentation, coding etc. Here is more information on how to install SVN for Odoo Development in Ubuntu 12.04.

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Odoo – Create a new sample module

Introduction This blog will explain the starting steps involved in developing custom Odoo module. It is just like a “Hello World” kind of guideline, therefore you won’t be able to get all the theories behind the Odoo. Instead you will get all the necessary information to start off with. Sample module given here is fully functional and tested on Odoo 8.

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Removing Duplicates using Pentaho Data Integration

Today in this blog we are going to concentrate on removing duplicates using Pentaho Data Integration. This is a frequently asked question as to how one shall remove duplicacy issue which is quite cumbersome and creates a whole wide issue day in and out.

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Odoo OpenERP – Adding followers to your newly created object

The Social Network module in Odoo / OpenERP introduces a messaging system based on a subscription mechanism. You might have came across this feature where there is a concept of followers on many screens. User can follow a particular record, and after doing so, user can have communication with all of the related persons of that transaction. User can follow multiple transactions in modules such as […]

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Implementing Excise Duty Abatement on MRP In Odoo / OpenERP

Here is more information on Implementing Excise duty Abatement on MRP In Odoo Problem Definition As companies manufacture and sell products in small packages, they get Excise abatement on certain products. Government has fixed the percentages for various products in an Excise book. Our problem scenario – How do we define this in Odoo ERP?

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Odoo – TDS computation on Supplier Invoice

Problem Definition In India, while processing a Supplier Invoice whose value is greater than INR 20,000, the Company should deduct a percentage of value (Defined for various categories of Service) from the invoice and pay the remaining amount to the Supplier.

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Using Regular Expressions to solve Date Format Issue in Pentaho Kettle

One of the most interesting and confusing data types that SQL Server supports is datetime. SQL Server comes with the following data types for storing a date or a date/time value in the database:

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Workflow Editing in Odoo

A workflow is a technical artifact which manages a set of “things to do” associated to the records of any model. More specifically, a workflow is a directed graph where the nodes are called “activities” and the arcs are called “transitions”.

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