Security features in Odoo

Security is a grave concern when any application is considered. Security features in Odoo are equally important. We need to ensure that our data is safe with Odoo and that the best practices are applied on the hosted version. Odoo provides a flexible and efficient method for handling user access and security. So exactly how secure is Odoo? As we know, Odoo has a client/server architecture. […]

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The most awaited release of Odoo is here – Odoo 8

Odoo 8 With the release of Odoo 8, Open Source ERPs are moving into brand new territories. It includes wonderful front office features and delivers better overall user experience. Odoo v8 comes with a lot brand new apps, various improvements, new updates, and features. Odoo offers you a fully integrated suite of business apps that will help you grow your business. The official release of […]

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How to filter rows by using Pentaho data integration

In the field of Data Integration, coming across the issue of filtering incoming data from a source is a requirement that occurs regularly. The ETL process requires a lot of conditioning and filtering in order to overcome the data quality issues and all this processing may take a considerable amount of time if we go step by step. Pentaho gives us the best suitable inbuilt […]

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How to solve Vtiger 6.1 Mail Manager Error – JSLBL_Failed_To_Open_Email

Vtiger CRM refers to cloud as well as open source versions of the CRM application offered by the company Vtiger. Mail Manager in vtiger 6.1 is an integrated email client that allows users to perform CRM related actions on incoming email. It helps you create Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Tickets and To Dos from the emails that you receive in your inbox. You can perform more […]

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Integration of new provider with vTiger 6.1 SMSNotifier

SMSNotifier gives you the flexibility to send text messages to your customers. You can send text messages to multiple records in one shot. In addition to manually sending out messages, you can also forward automatic notifications triggered by workflows in Vtiger CRM. Vtiger CRM supports the following SMS gateways to help you send messages from within your Vtiger CRM account: 1. Textanywhere 2. Clickatell 3. […]

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Solution for Error while opening Xlsx Report in Odoo

As per a client’s requirement, we had to make xlsx report of sales. After deploying the report on the customer’s server an error of ‘module XlsxWriter not found’ occurred. Lot of times this issue is faced after deployment. Why does this happen? This mainly happens because xlsx writer is not installed on the operating system. Basically, xlsx writer is a python module that needs to […]

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How to configure Payroll in Odoo

Payroll is an integral part of a company’s operations in every organization. It is very important for a company’s financial accounting as well as for its recipients i.e the employees. Odoo supports this feature to a great extent and it is quite easy to configure and manage Payroll in Odoo. Odoo Payroll is also well linked with Accounting Module which allows an organization to track […]

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How To Deploy Odoo Using mod_proxy and mod_wsgi On Ubuntu Servers

mod_proxy is an optional module for the Apache HTTP Server. This module implements a gateway, proxy or cache for Apache. It implements proxying capability for Apache J Serv Protocol version 1.3, FTP, CONNECT (for SSL), HTTP/0.9, HTTP/1.0, and HTTP/1.1.

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How to increase the file upload limit in Pentaho BI Server

Sometimes we come across uploading issue while importing a CSV file in Pentaho BI server. This happens because the file size is very large. To overcome this, Pentaho has the option of increasing the file size that needs to be uploaded depending on the user’s requirement.

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IT Terms Every SME Should Know

Technology affects every business irrespective of the size of the company. To survive in this tech savy environment every business owner should know the basic IT terms. This will not only enhance a person’s knowledge but prove to be beneficial for the business.

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