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Nevpro Business Solutions, additionally called as NBS or just "Nevpro", began in the year 2010 by giving Enterprise Solutions to SME and huge endeavors in India and Abroad. Nevpro is one of the quickly developing IT Software Company that spotlights on giving the entire suite of software solutions. We package solutions like CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence to give all of you require as a integrated solution. We also have customized ERP solution composed particularly to take into account essentially the 3 businesses - Manufacturing, Education and Hospitality.

At Nevpro, our business process management software, i.e Enterprise resource planning, grants you to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and computerize many back office limits related to development, services and HR. Our ERP software integrates all parts of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing in a single database, application and UI.

We have an expansive set of applications, called CRM software designed to help organizations, manage customers data and customer interaction, get to business data, mechanize sales, marketing and customer support. Our custom built CRM software has an easy to use GUI with different notices and follow-up choices empowering end-clients to change over potential clients faster.

Nevpro gives Business intelligence software – a type of application software designed to recover, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence. Our expertise lies in ERP, CRM and BI implementations or giving Cloud based Enterprise Solutions to our clients.

We are the official silver partner of Odoo and the Gold partner of Bitrix. We have done many successful implementations. We deliver cost-effective website solutions for our customers. Contact us today to get the best suited solution for your Business.

Our Services

Customer Solutions

Customer Relationship Management is an essential process to track lead information, follow-up with that lead to convert them into opportunities and accounts

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our erp software solutions offers your business a complete business process management software that would allow you to use a system of integrated applications

Business Intelligence

Best BI Solution with world class data warehousing and business intelligence tools for robust business intelligence systems in organizations.

Project Management

Our top project management software Solutions helps teams collaborate better resulting in improved work efficiency.Eliminate chaos involved in projects

VOIP IPBX Solution

Businesses today need to be very proactive when it comes to acquiring new customers to build up a huge customer base. Integration of Asterisk with CRM

Recruitment Services

We are Mumbai based consultants working in this industry from past few years and committed towards providing best HR solutions to our clients

Digital Marketing

Traffic Generation, Lead Generation, 1st Page Google Ranking, Brand awareness & Visibility. Nevpro’s, Effective Result Oriented Digital Marketing provides not only site ranking & traffic but also leads for your business thus improving your ROI
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ERP for Manufacturing Industry | ERP Systems – Nevpro

At Nevpro, we have complete manufacturing solutions in form of customized ERP solution designed specifically to cater to the various needs of Manufacturing Companies. This manufacturing software is a browser based solution and hence can be accessed from various locations. A single server instance can handle upto 200 users accessing the Manufacturing ERP. For factories more than 200 users, we can implement a multi-tier architecture […]

Restaurant Management System & POS – Nevpro Business Solutions

Speed Up your restaurant business with our restaurant management software. We understand how daunting it is to offer optimum-quality and personalized experience for your customers in today’s cutthroat competition, so we have brought to you a robust software for Restaurant Management to help you manage your hospitality business seamlessly. We offer comprehensive restaurant management system customized to suit needs of any business in food industry. […]

School Management System | ERP – Nevpro Business Solution

EDUNAGE- Nevpro’s school management system is a comprehensive solution, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at improving the quality of education management. We offer customized School Management System, also popularly known as Education Management System or College Management System, that could centralize and automate every existing process in an educational institution. With a multi-institution setup within a single instance, […]


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Nevpro has evolved over the years and provides affordable ERP solutions for SMEs around the world. Since inception, our primary focus was always on providing a complete package of solutions to our end-customers so that our customers could seamlessly channelize all their time & efforts into developing their business, leaving their entire IT operations to us.

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