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Enterprise Resource Planning

Nevpro implements Cloud based and On-Premise ERP solutions catering to various verticals such as Education, Manufacturing and Restaurant Industries. Considering our expertise and number of implementations in place, we were quick to be promoted to a Silver partner by Odoo. Our Cloud solutions are priced at very competitive rates and unlike other cloud solutions, it provides flexibility to perform customizations to suit your requirements.

Customer Relationship Management

A CRM is an essential tool to - record lead information, follow-up with that lead to convert them into opportunities and accounts and also track after sales activities on those accounts inorder to improve customer satisfaction and keep the customers engaged with your company. We implement various CRM solutions depending on how close your requirements maps to the various solution we have.

Pentaho BI

A Business Intelligence Solution contains all the necessary tools to perform Data cleansing, Data Migration or Data Loading activity (Also known as ETL or Extract Transform and Load process), generation of reports and impressive dashboards on the accumulated data and also send across these reports to the management for conducting strategic decisions for the company. At Nevpro, we implement Pentaho BI Suite for our customers. Pentaho has over the years proven to be at par with most of the proprietary BI solutions available in the market.

Project Management

A Project Management solution effectively captures all tasks pertaining to various projects taking place in your organization. This tool has capabilities to track the time consumed by each employee per task thus outlining the overall productivity of your employees. With an impressive GUI in place, these tools can also be used as intranet portals for communication between employees within your organization. They consists of features such as online collaboration, document sharing, tasking, CRM, Calender scheduling, Search and Email sending functionalities. Bitrix24 is a comprehensive solutions we implement.

Point Of Sale

Since there is a growing demand of interactive touch screen devices in most of the verticals, we provide POS solutions to all our retail and restaurant customers to conduct their billing activities using touchscreen devices. We also do system integration for these software to improve your work flow and productivity.

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