ERP for Manufacturing Industry

At Nevpro, we have complete manufacturing solutions in form of customized ERP solution designed specifically to cater to the various needs of Manufacturing Companies. This manufacturing software is a browser based solution and hence can be accessed from various locations. A single server instance can handle upto 200 users accessing the Manufacturing ERP. For factories more than 200 users, we can implement a multi-tier architecture for the same system wherein each server can co-ordinate with each other and share information as one single unit.
These are just few of the features available in the entire suite. Further on, with the integration of a BI tool, various graphical reports can be generated based on analyzing the data entered in the system. All required documents for the entire process can be made to be created by the system. For companies intending to go for a paperless initiative, all the documents could be stored in digital format in the server itself or be integrated with Google apps so that it could be accessible as and when needed. For factories looking out for a website to be packaged along with the solution, we can work on the best possible pricing for the entire package of a Website, a BI tool and ERP for manufacturing industry all inclusive.

Easily configurable Bill of Materials
  • Easily configurable Bill of Materials
  • Users can confirm the orders as well as can manage the table allocation process.Users can define Several BOM’s in manufacturing & can generate the finished products.
  • Users can keep track of all the process.
  • Users will be able to create multi-level bills of materials and their corresponding routing for assembling or manufacturing finished products.
  • Bill Of Materials master data is listed in Product master.


Manufacturing Order Planning
  • All Manufacturing Orders & Work Orders can be scheduled automatically depending upon the Reordering Rules, Quantities Incoming & Supply Demand.
  • All Information can be reviewed with the help of smart kanban & Gantt views & also with Calendars.
  • Assembly points and work center management.
  • Highly integrated with Sales module.
  • Inventory and order analysis in real time manner.

order planning

Sub-Contracting Complete/Partial Manufacturing process and tracking progress
  • Using advanced analytical features issues can be detected in resource planning & location.
  • It allows management to resolve the bottleneck & carry out operations in an efficient manner.
  • Users can track the ongoing as well as completed manufacturing orders from the same screen with the help of clear GUI.


CAPA (Corrective Actions , Preventive Actions) module i.e. knowledge portal integrated with Manufacturing process
  • Users can define the corrective and preventive measures so that all undesirable situations can be handled in less amount of time with minimal effort.
  • With the help of CAPA module, a systematic investigation of root causes of existing problems or potential risks can be done which increases efficiency of the manufacturing operations.
  • All corrective/preventive actions can be easily configured in application.


Complete integration with Warehouse / Inventory module
  • Application is fully integrated with Inventory Management Module so that users can keep track of all finished goods as well as Bill Of Materials utilized in the process.
  • Also quantities can be managed & Inventory never goes out of stock. Thus making the system really efficient.
  • All incoming/outgoing internal operations are listed with the help of smart Kanban views.
  • Various warehouse documents can be generated for reporting purpose.

Inventory Management

Barcode Generator
  • Barcodes can be generated to uniquely identify the products & same can be printed too.
  • Labels can be printed from the system which can be applied on finished goods.
  • Highly integrated with physical devises like Barcode scanners, Label printer etc.


Purchase Module
  • With the help of manufacturing application, purchase orders can be generated automatically depending upon the system configuration. Thus making the process automatic with less human intervention & errors can be reduced.
  • Full integration with Sale/Purchase module makes the manufacturing resource planning more accurate.
  • Highly Advanced analytic features allows users to analyze the orders as it passes through transformation process.


Accounts module with Tally entries importing facility
  • Accounting module is fully integrated with the application, so that financial analysis can be done and various financial reports like General Ledgers, Profit/Loss, Balance sheet etc. can be generated.
  • As well as application allow users to Import/Export data to ERP from tally & vice versa.
  • Multi currency/Multi company environment is supported.
  • Bank reconcillation(Manual/Automatic), Chart Of Accounts/Taxes, Bank Statements, Invoices and Payments can be handled with this application.

Invoice Accounts

Groups and Access rights manager
  • Access Right Management is handled with the help of Groups & Users.
  • Users can be assigned to groups depending upon their responsibilities in the organization.
  • Highly Based on their assigned groups, Users will have necessary access & can carry out their daily operations effectively.
  • It can be easily managed by the configuration of application itself.

Access Rights

Email & SMS notifications on pre-defined events
  • Access Application provides features like Email & SMS notification for certain predefined events.
  • User can define their own Email template & events so that necessary action will be taken by the Application when event is about to occur. In such manner, Users are aware about the current situations & undesirable situations can be handled.


Configurable Taxes (VAT, ST) with Form C reminder facility
  • Access Application provides features like Email & SMS notification for certain predefined events.
  • User can define their own Email template & events so that necessary action will be taken by the Application when event is about to occur. In such manner, Users are aware about the current situations & undesirable situations can be handled.


Restaurant Management Software

Speed Up your restaurant business with our restaurant management software. We understand how daunting it is to offer optimum-quality and personalized experience for your customers in today’s cutthroat competition, so we have brought to you a robust software for Restaurant Management to help you manage your hospitality business seamlessly. We offer comprehensive restaurant management system customized to suit needs of any business in food industry. Customization of this software solution for restaurant management offers a state of art POS System, ERP System and addons like loyalty management, CRM to suit your requirements.
ERAMYS – Our restaurant management solution is advanced yet easy to use. This restaurant software gives all the tools necessary to understand restaurant operation in details, giving the management the total control of business. Nevpro’s restaurants management system allows everyone in your operation to better serve your customers and make the best use of your investment.

Touch Screen enabled for Order Management and Table management system
  • Restaurant Management System provides a clear GUI to manage the Order Management & Table management process in an interactive manner.
  • Users can confirm the orders as well as can manage the table allocation process.
  • Clean user Interface, Online/Offline selling etc. are few key features.

Touchscreen POS Interface

Touch Screen enabled Point of Sale (POS) for billing
  • Application is highly interlinked with Acoounting System & Orders can be billed the same screen with users right in place. Thus an organization can generate their Sales Reports, Invoices from the same system. Thus making system more efficient.
  • Different payment methods allows users to register payments either partially or fully.
  • Discounts can be generated from the same screen.
  • Multiple orders can be registers at once.


Separate screen for KOT to be displayed in kitchen premises
  • Orders once confirmed can be pushed to kitchen for preparation.
  • Users can generate KOT’s from same GUI & Kitchen Staff/Users can view it at their end & start preparing the orders. Thus automating the process of order management in an effective manner.
  • Users have flexibility to add as many items to KOT until order is confirmed.
  • KOT orders can be seen in different views like Kanban, Tree etc.


Inventory management system with material replenishment alerts
  • Inventory management is a key feature of this application.
  • Inventory module is fully connected with point of sale module & quantities will be increased/decreased depending upon the type of operations.
  • Also application allows us to manage Reordering Rules & Alerts can be generated so that required quantities can be purchased & Inventory is not running out of stock.
  • Get real time control of inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurements.
  • Ability of the products can be manage in real time.


Integrated accounting perfectionized for indian restaurants operations
  • Restaurant Management Application makes use of Indian Accounting Module to manage the business operation.
  • All financial reports can be generated for better analysis.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly sales reports are provided by the application.
  • Customer Invoices/Refunds/Payments are handled by highly integrated accounting module.

Invoice Accounts

Preconfigured Taxes & many more
  • Highly integrated Accounting Module allows users to configure taxation as per company & country standards.
  • Users can define their own taxes to suit their business requirements.
  • It can be simply managed by configuration.


School Management System

EDUNAGE- Nevpro’s school management system is a comprehensive solution, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at improving the quality of education management.
We offer customized School Management System, also popularly known as Education Management System or College Management System, that could centralize and automate every existing process in an educational institution. With a multi-institution setup within a single instance, this school management software system can act as a robust backbone to your institution providing you the support needed for the smooth functioning of the day to day operations.
Our school management erp software allows schools and other educational institutions to store all of their information electronically. All the data about Students, Staff, Results, Management can be easily monitored using Nevpro’s school management system solution to help improve the efficiency of the organization.
Being web-based in nature, this school management system software can be accessed from any location. Our erp for school management system highly configurable access control management enables admins to provide visibility to only those areas where the user is authorized to access. Further customizations can also be made depending on institutions requirements.

Managing Student records including history
  • Manage your student operations from registering their Public / Personal Information.
  • Keep track of their educational history, Daily / Weekly assignments and additional features like library details,invoicing details etc.
  • The application provides features like generating Student ID, Library Cards, Certificates etc.
  • It allows to view Student Attendances between particular period.
  • A central dashboard is provided.


Faculty records
  • Easily manage all Faculty details like Basic Information, Time table details, Library details as well as other information.
  • Faculty Dashboard provides a Summarized view of activities to keep track of it.
  • The data are well protected for personal use and makes the data processing very fast.This system objectives of easily and maintainable information.
  • We are providing online facility that the any faculty can access any place anywhere that the user can interaction with the faculty management system.


Admission Management
  • The Module manages the admission process of both new and old students.
  • Fully integrated with the Fee module and accounts section.
  • Highly integrated Admission Management feature enables to smoother the process.
  • It automatically creates a student once the admission process over. Thus making it a complete Educational Solution.
  • Admission management module supports the student admission and registration process, It maintain the student personal, academic and fees related data.


Lecture Time-table
  • This solution provides user to plan their lecture schedule in effective manner.
  • All the classes timetables are maintained in the system, each staff
  • Time Table module is easy and you can schedule your school timetable with great ease.
  • It also allows users to print the timetables which can be used for various purpose.


  • Exam Management is managed in an efficient manner.
  • Exam management module that can be effectively used to create examination schedules.
  • User can define their Exam templates, can allocate Exam Resources (Supervisor) can track Exam attendees, etc.
  • Exam management fully integrated with Students and Results.
  • Print student report card, exam results analysis by class, subjects and much more.


Portal for interaction between parents and the teaching staffs and many more
  • A portal features enables users to carry out a dialogue process between students, their parents as well as teachers.
  • It facilitates the process of feedback generation and Student Evaluation can be performed quite efficiently.
  • News and calendar shared with the students and parents.
  • Teachers can share the report cards, progress reports and daily attendance with parents.
  • With long descriptions and instructions teachers can post current and future assignment with parents.


Integration of SMS gateways and Email gateways
  • This features can bring in a whole new way of communicating with parents, students through the interface of this system.
  • General SMS & Email to students & staff.
  • SMS to absentees.
Email to students with attachment of assignments.
  • Complete Information System
  • With the portal in place, one can consider shifting all information from the traditional notice board onto the school erp software where information is passed on to the relevant person with ease.
Document Management
  • All necessary documents that are currently being generated in the school can be designed to be generated by the system itself once the necessary information for the documents are in place.
  • Documents can also be mailed to the concerned person and hence a go-green initiative can be adopted.
Generating Reports
  • Reporting system wherein performance of a student could be evaluated over a period of time.
Integration of SMS gateways and Email gateways
  • This features can bring in a whole new way of communicating with parents, students through the interface of this system.
  • General SMS & Email to students & staff.
  • SMS to absentees.
Email to students with attachment of assignments.
  • Complete Information System
  • With the portal in place, one can consider shifting all information from the traditional notice board onto the school erp software where information is passed on to the relevant person with ease.
Document Management
  • All necessary documents that are currently being generated in the school can be designed to be generated by the system itself once the necessary information for the documents are in place.
  • Documents can also be mailed to the concerned person and hence a go-green initiative can be adopted.
Generating reports:
  • Reporting system wherein performance of a student could be evaluated over a period of time.

Our Services

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management is an essential process to track lead information, follow-up with that lead to convert them into opportunities and accounts and also track after sales activities on those accounts in order to improve customer satisfaction and keep the customers engaged with your company.

We have done many Web based cloud customer relationship management software implementation for many SME’s and large companies.

The industry verticals we have catered range from retail to construction and many more. Our expertise lies in providing customer service management software like Financial Service CRM, Telecom manufacturing, Manufacturing, CRM For Construction Industry, Builder CRM, Real estate CRM, Sales CRM Software and many more.

CRM Softwares offered by Nevpro:

Bitrix24 - Bitrix24 is a complete suite consisting of social collaboration, communication and management with 35+ productive tools for your team and can be used as a CRM Solution, A Project Management Solution or even an Intranet Portal.

Some of its key features are

  • Social Network
  • Tasks and Projects
  • Group chat and Video
  • Document Management
  • Drive
  • Calendar and Planning
  • Email
  • Sales
  • Telephone
  • HR
  • Mobile
Apart from being a fully equipped ERP, Odoo has also an inbuilt CRM functionality.

Odoo CRM offers:

  • Mobile App
  • Social Network Integration
  • Kanban View to Tract Sales Pipeline
  • Great responsive user interface
  • Easy Lead Management
  • Email Integration and Automation
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Lead Automation


Bitrix24 is a comprehensive CRM & Project Management solution that consists of features such as online collaboration, document sharing, tasking, CRM, Calender scheduling, Search and Email sending functionalities. It is available on cloud-hosted as well as self-hosted model. With a social-networking like interface in place, Bitrix makes communication with co-workers and customers more effective. These communications are recorded and available in an easily searchable format which can be reffered to at any point in time. Due to these features, it is also widely used as an intranet portal. Its user-friendly GUI makes it easy to navigate through the system thus understanding the functional flow of the software. With a mobile app version available, this solution could also be accessed through a smartphone or a tablet from remote locations.

Nevpro Business Solutions is a Bronze Partner of Bitrix Solution and can implement both the Cloud as well as On-premise version of this solution.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Our erp software solutions offers your business a complete business process management software that would allow you to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate various back office functions related to technologies, human resources, and services. This open source erp software integrates all the facets of an operation- product planning, manufacturing, development, marketing and sales. Nevpro’s enterprise resource planning systems is comparable to enterprise applications as it is designed to be used by large businesses and often requires teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment unlike other hand small business ERP applications that are lightweight business software solutions customized for the industry you work in.

ERP Software Modules

We are the only erp solution providers offering erp software solutions that consists of multiple enterprise software modules which can be individually purchased, depending on what best meets the specific technical capabilities of the organization. Each ERP module is focused on single area of business processes, such as marketing or product development. A business can use ERP software to manage all the back-office activities like: Distribution process management, services knowledge base, supply chain management , employee life-cycle, standardize critical business procedures, project planning, assess business needs, accounting and financial applications, reduce redundant tasks, manage human resources and payroll, lower purchasing cost, material purchasing, distribution, inventory control, accounting, marketing and so on. The basic aim of using an enterprise resource planning solution is to provide one central repository for all information that is shared by the various ERP facets to improve the flow of data across the organization.

How enterprise resource planning solutions can help your business?

Nevpro’s erp software solutions helps in integrating the information across all functions to provide a centralised resource that simplifies data and helps in decision-making. In today’s growing business competition, there can be a lot of uncertainty due to global economics, increasing demand cut-throat competition, and very high customer expectations. A business that need to adapt constantly to survive in such a dynamic and complex landscape. Our erp software company customizes and designs erp modules tailored to meet your needs and provide you a competitive edge to help you survive in this competitive world.

Following are the benefits of ERP:

As various business units deliver more information, decision-makers enjoys good control. Real-time data flowing can improve business insight. Vital data such as cash spent, cash received and how each unit is performing can be easily accessed by companies. Decision and Forecasting can help enterprises adapt and transform business functions to meet the market and customers’ requirements.
  • Simplified and rationalised business processes :ERP helps to streamline processes, thus ensuring smoother workflow and better communication between various departments. Automation ensures clear and error-free flow of information making processes simpler and more responsive.
  • Increased employee efficiency :ERP systems can provide employees with the right data at their fingertips that can empower functions and increase their productivity. Thus they can have more time to devote to core jobs than having to search information. Easier access to data and improved decision-making can enhance creativity and employee attitudes. Inter-departmental information can get them to view the larger picture and see how their functions have an overall impact.
  • An integrated ecosystem :An organisation can have better integration when all its stakeholders are aligned to each other’s needs, common goal and objectives. ERP can bring together all the units of an ecosystem – vendors, alliance partners, customers and support functions. Streamlining of the different units will definitely improve the performance.
  • Be future ready :ERP systems can help an organisation grow by adapting to tomorrow’s needs and be more flexible. Businesses can be ready for challenges with better planning and control, and proper integration and flow of information.

ERP Implementation and Customization

Organizations all across the world are shifting to a solution that automates their existing manual process and also centralizes all activities so that they could all work from one single solution – The ERP. At Nevpro we understand the growing demand of such a solution and have, over the years, developed expertise in Odoo ERP implementation that cater to your daily functioning/operations and specific needs of your organization.

open erp implementation, odoo erp implementation

Odoo (Previously OpenERP) is a belgium based solution which is slowly gaining a lot of popularity in India. This ERP is modular in nature and hence like a pick-n-choose model you can install just the modules that you are interested in and start working with it. We offer all the help and support to fulfill our promise of smooth ERP implementation.

Requirement Gathering

This is where we learn the existing process flow at your company along with your desired workflow that you would want to have in your customized ERP and map the same with the existing functionality of Odoo.

System Design:

This is where we would design the flow of the system that we would need to put in place to bring to you the final product.


Where user requirements cannot be put together by configuration alone, we move on to do customization to incorporate all such changes.


One of the important phases where we ensure the end-user receives a bug-free final product.


Our IT-Admin would deploy the customized code onto your servers or the cloud account that you have purchased with all the necessary OS and Odoo configuration to provide you with a optimized system.


Yet another important phase. We do realize that your employees are the ones to use the product on their day-to-day working. We will be there to provide you with the best training on using the system. This would be the phase where we would be guiding you through the entire solution.

Odoo (Cloud ERP Implementation)

Organizations all across the world are shifting to a solution that automates their existing manual process and also centralizes all activities so that they could all work from one single solution – The ERP. To support such an ERP, there needs to be a high configuration hardware in place so that there would be be a smooth end-user experience while working with the solution. Also, redundancy of the running instance needs to be maintained incase there needs to be data restoration at any point in time. For most of the companies who do not have an in-house experienced IT team in place, maintaining such a server becomes very difficult. In such cases, we at Nevpro provide Odoo OpenERP Cloud ERP, Our SAAS (Software As A Service) offering for hosting the solution on our cloud instance.

odoo customization
Nevpro’s cloud instances are available with high end configurations and huge bandwidth to support good number of users. With a high security along with OS hardening in place, all your company data remains safe in the cloud. Moreover, our maintenance services with defined SLAs and a dedicated helpline number in place would be available to make sure there is no hindrance in your day-to-day working with the system. We also maintain an incremental backup of your database as part of our Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

With such an arrangement in place, companies need not invest high amount of fundings for their IT infrastructure. They can just work with normal desktop machines to connect to our servers. All the processing takes place on our cloud instances utilizing the allocated resources for the instance and sending back the resultant output across your user screens. With proper access rights in place, employees belonging to a particular department can access only that area of the ERP for which they have been granted access to. This ensures security even within the software.

Odoo ERP Support Packages

We, at Nevpro, provide Odoo ERP Support Packages. This is a best option for customers who are in need for some customization and are interested in paying for just a few hours of customization instead of going for entire project costing.

Basic Package


  • 10 hoursSupport Hours
  • 60 MinsMinimum Support Mins.
  • 2 WeeksPackage Validity

Silver Package


  • 25 hoursSupport Hours
  • 60 MinsMinimum Support Mins.
  • 4 WeeksPackage Validity

Gold Package


  • 50 hoursSupport Hours
  • 30 MinsMinimum Support Mins.
  • 6 WeeksPackage Validity

Platinum Package


  • 100 hoursSupport Hours
  • 30 MinsMinimum Support Mins.
  • 8 WeeksPackage Validity

Business Intelligence

Best BI Solution with world class data warehousing and business intelligence tools for robust business intelligence systems in organizations. We provide business bi softwares and bi tools with data integration, OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, data mining and ETL capabilities. Pentaho and Jaspersoft are two of the most trusted BI companies and so we have brought Penatho BI and Jaspersoft BI suite to you to help your business leverage the power of visualization and adopt a good data culture.

Make wiser, better & more profitable business decisions:

Track, Analyze, and Utilize data with powerful business intelligence software & bi tools.

BI Solutions:

Pentaho :

Open-source Pentaho BI Solution provides business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing solutions with CDE, CDF, CDA, Analytics, Interactive Reporting, Pentaho Server,Sharable Dashboards.

Features :

  • Data Integration : Analytics ready, simplified and accurate data from all the sources at one time
  • Interactive User-friendly BI dashboards : Create custom dashboards and track your company’s buying behaviour and spending pattern.
  • Customised reporting : Generate reports and charts with great visuals for better analysis and decision making.

About Pentaho BI

Pentaho is a suite of open source Business Intelligence (BI) tools which provide data integration, OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, data mining and ETL capabilities. It gives you an interactive and simplified approach which empowers business users to visualise data across multiple dimensions.The Drilling down and rolling up approaches through zooming,filtering along with built-in libraries like Google integrated maps,Bullets or Line charts,pie-charts or Bar charts etc gives you an interactive visual analysis.


Along with that it also gives you the user graphical designer with web-based drag and drop approach and also there’s the option of high-end publishing featuring popular formats like CSV,HTMLExcel,PDF. Administering and managing is also made easy with full backup and recovery options along with that features of enterprise ready data integration with job restart and rolling back. It provides OLAP services, data Integration,reporting, data mining, dashboarding and ETL capabilities. It is available in two editions- The community and The Enterprise editions. The enterprise editions consists of more functionality as compared to the community edition. The enterprise edition needs to be purchased on a subscription model. The subscription model includes services,support and product enhancements via annual subscription.It is available under a commercial license. There are three variants of the enterprise edition: Basic, Professional and Enterprise.

Pentaho Business Analytics

Business intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw source data into useful and meaningful information for business analysis purposes. Business Intelligence mainly focuses on developing new valuable insights and proper understanding of business performance based on the data and statistical methods.The goal of BI is allowing easy interpretation of large sets of data,identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights which can provide businesses with a competitive market edge and long-term stability. BI technologies provide current, historical and predictive views of business operations.

Business Analytics makes extensive use of statistical analysis, including predictive modeling,explanatory and fact-based management to drive decision making.BI can be used to support a wide range of business decisions ranging from startaegic to operational decision making.

Pentaho Business Analytics is an interactive and simple approach that empowers business users to visualize data across different dimensions and provides with a number of report generations including pivot reports,adhoc reports,analyzer reports and sums up all reports in one single dashboard. Basic operating decisions which Pentaho includes are pricing or product positioning. Strategic business decisions which include goals,priorities and directions at the broadest level are some of the goals that Pentaho helps us achieve. In all cases, Pentaho BI is most effective when it combines data derived from the market in which a company operates i.e.external data with data from company sources internal to the business such as operations and financial data. When combined, internal and external data can provide a more complete and analytically perfect picture which, in effect, creates an “intelligence” that cannot be derived by any singular set of data.

Interactive Visual Based Analysis :

  • Roll up and Drill down capabilities through zooming,filtering etc.
  • Built-in libraries like pie-charts,geo-maps,heat grids to have a perfect and ready-to-analyse data.

Graphical-Designer :

  • Web-based drag and drop dashboards.
  • Highly functional interactive and inetractive/adhoc reports.

High-end Publishing :

  • Outputs in popular formats: CSV,Excel,HTML,PDF.

Management and Administration :

  • Recovery and Backup facilities.
  • Enterprise ready data integration with job restart and rollback.

Pentaho Data Integration

Data integration combines technical and business processes used to combine data from various sources into meaningful and valuable information. A complete data integration solution involves discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from a different variety of sources. Data integration is appearing with ever increasing frequency as the volume and the need to share existing data is exploding on regular day basis. It has become the prime focus of extensive theoretical work, and there are numerous open problems which still remain unsolved and puzzled.

Pentaho Data Integration delivers analytics ready and accurate data to end users from any source and eliminates the complexities involved in coding by providing indepth libraries for the same. It also helps integrate all disparate sources at the fingertips of IT and business users.

Some of its Features are:

Simple Drag and Drop Interface :

  • Graphical ETL tool for processing and loading different disparate sources.
  • Rich library of pre-built components for easy analysis
  • Integrates debugger for testing and tuning job execution.

Powerful Management and Administration :

  • Manage security privileges for roles and users.
  • Restarting of jobs from the last successful checkpoint and rolling back once execution is failed.
  • Set permission to control users actions:execute,read or create.

Data Quality and Profiling :

  • Identify data that fails to comply with business standards and rules.
  • Cleanse and validate redundant and inconsistent data.
  • Manage data quality with partners such as MelissaData and Human Inference.

Project Management Solutions

Your needs are specific – so your collaborative work management solution software should also be specific. Keeping this in mind we provide project management solutions to help organizations step up from one-size-fits-all approach and collaborate better using our tailored solutions, customized specifically for you.

Our top project management software Solutions helps teams collaborate better resulting in improved work efficiency. This Bitrix Project Management Solution captures tasks pertaining to various projects in a very effective manner. This agile project planning tool has capabilities to track the time consumed by each employee per task thus outlining the overall productivity of your employees. With an impressive GUI in place, these tools can also be used as intranet portals for communication between employees within your organization. They consists of many task simplifying features such as online collaboration, document sharing, tasking, CRM, Calendar scheduling etc to make a project manager’s life easier and the operation simpler.



  • Eliminate chaos involved in projects
  • Collaborate with team efficiently
  • Customization to suit your business process
  • Powerful yet Simple to use
  • Drive Successful Projects
  • Get real Time Project Insights
  • Share documents and work with team
  • Estimate Profitability of project

VOIP IPPBX Solutions

Businesses today need to be very proactive when it comes to acquiring new customers to build up a huge customer base. Lets discuss this further with the help of examples:

Eg: Integration of Asterisk with CRM:

Todays popular pizza delivery corporation has a single number where customers interact with the business. When the customer calls this number, the operator from the retail outlet has in front of him the entire details of the customer including history of orders placed, his delivery address(es) and various contact number even without asking this information from the customer. He now confirms the details and takes the order. Due to the amount of business the customer has bought in, he is eligible for a discount. The operator informs him about the same. In this example, there is a good amount of time saved by asking customer details everytime a customer calls plus the customer is delighted that he is offered a personalized service.

Eg: Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

A popular gas agency has a single mobile number wherein customers calls and books a new cylinder. Upon calling, the customer is presented with a list of services they can opt for. On selection of an option, they can either book a new gas cylinder or find the status of their existing booking. On selecting the option of a new gas connection, they receive an SMS detailing their booking information and a delivery date.

These are some of the examples what can be achieved using Asterisk. Asterisk is software that replaces the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and encapsulates many more features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Interactive SMS Server, Voice Messaging, Conferencing & VOIP.

Recruitment Services

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We are Mumbai based consultants working in this industry from past few years and committed towards providing best HR solutions to our clients in different industry and verticals like IT, ITES, FMCG, Manufacturing & Media verticals. We are specialize in Manpower recruitment, HR Outsourcing.

We have been working with same technologies requirements which uses in your organization, Like: Software Developer Java /J2ee, I-Phone Developer, Android Developer, Black Berry, Graphic Designer, Flash Developer, PHP Developer, Web Designer, PLSQL Developer, Database Developer, DBA Associates, SQL Developer, Seo/Sem Executive, Content Writer, DotNet Developer, Product Manager profiles. For different dotcom and web2.0 companies.

We would be please to be associated with your organization.

Helpdesk Software

OTRS is a Ticket Request System with many features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. The system is built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. department to react quickly to inbound inquiries. It is a multi-user system which means that multiple agents may work simultaneously on the tickets in OTRS, reading the incoming messages, bringing them in order and answering them.


  • Web interface :

    OTRS can be accessed over any browser and separate web interface for various entities like Admin,Customer etc provided.The Web Interface can be customized with different themes.

  • Mail interface :

    OTRS supports mail interface for various mail attachments.It also supports Auto answer feature for customers and these queues are configurable for further purpose.

  • Tickets Management :

    It allows Customers to create new tickets which can be managed by Agents/Engineers.You can track Ticket Information,Ticket History,add Attachments,Print Tickets from Overview etc.

  • Platform/System :

    OTRS is a platform independent and runs on many operating systems like Linux, Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS 10.x, Microsoft Windows.Integration of external back-ends for the customer data, e.g. via AD, eDirectory or OpenLDAP is also possible.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is ERP ? (definition)

1. What is ERP ? (definition)

ERP is short for “enterprise resource planning.” Enterprise Resource Planning System(ERP) is the latest business/information technology (IT) tool in the Corporate World today. Enterprise resource planning is an integrated software solution used to manage a company’s resources. ERP’s was preceded by MRP (material requirements planning) and MRP II (manufacturing resources planning). These earlier systems had limitations addressed by ERP systems. Today’s Enterprise resource planning systems integrate planning, inventory, Purchasing, engineering, order entry, manufacturing, accounting and human resources.

2. Do I need a new ERP system?

You may or may not require an ERP System Here are some of the warning signs that your current software is limiting your business growth:

  • Increasing customer complaints about poor service
  • Using multiple systems for the same task
  • Failing to get accurate, up-to-date information for decision-making
  • Using handwritten notes because it’s easier to jot it down than use the current system
  • Having to enter the same data into more than one system
  • Inability to expand the business due to limitations of current information system
  • Lost or corrupted data

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you must get enterprise resource planning solutions for your business.

Nevpro’s ERP Solution allows you to maximise profit and minimalise errors. Our erp software solutions lets you “Build Your Business” by putting you in control everything running around your business.

3. What Benefits will I get from ERP?

  • There are many benefits of having an ERP Software. ERP allows you to manage your business processes efficinetly while improving many aspects at the same time. erp software solutions also helps to increase production levels and control expenses helping your business grow.
  • ERP also improves customer service and manufacturing process helping generate better output for your business.
  • ERP helps in decission making process providing you with better insights.
  • ERP also creates a more agile company that better adapts to change. ERP makes a company more flexible and less rigidly structured so organization components operate more cohesively, enhancing the business—internally and externally.

We are one of the top erp solution providers based in India and having branches at multiple locations including australia offering features, flexibility and implementation expertise to help you realize the full benefits of our business software solutions.

4. Can I buy individual modules?

The standard ERP modules may or may not be applicable to the kind of value addition the organization is looking for. We at Nevpro provide customized ERP as per the Standard work procedure/workflow of the organization. So the adaptability of the employees towards the software becomes easy as well as it may prove to be edge cutter in terms of time incurred by the employees in maintaining the working hierarchy.

5. How long does an ERP implementation take?

The time for ERP Implementation could not possibly be same for every scenario it depends on many factors like Project Management, time and efforts required to gather the required information to populate the ERP database, ability of an organization to adapt to change. We ensure that you get live on time and on budget.

6. Can a single enterprise resource planning solution handle Multi-Company, Multi-Divisions and Multi-Plant Requirements?

We customise the erp specifically using odoo openerp to meet all the requirements of your organisation and so we do help serve multi company.

7. Can the ERP Software handle Multiple locations or Multi-Locations?

Yes our erp business solutions are very flexible allowing you to run your business from anywhere and handle multiple processes and locations.

8. ERP – What Happens after the Go Live?

A go-live is a step in a successful ERP implementation, because it represents months of work dedicated to improving business processes and tasks. However, many organizations focus too much on the go-live date and are unprepared for what comes next: Life after your ERP go-live.

9. Is CRM part of ERP or its own business software category?

Both. As a unique category, CRM normally consists of its on processes and features like customer support. As part of ERP, CRM is one of the five ERP pillars, with the other four pillars being financial accounting, distribution or supply chain management, manufacturing and human resources / payroll.

At Nevpro, we understand the uniqueness of your Business and so give 100% dedicated effort towards every project that we undertake. With so many of the enterprise resource planning solutions implemented successfully, the customer satisfaction level of our clients is very high.

Want to speak with someone in sales? Feel free to email us at or complete our contact form.
More about our ERP Software Solutions? Please see the ERP features to find more details.

What is CRM?

1.What is CRM?

The literal and original meaning of the expression “Customer Relationship Management” was, simply, managing the relationship with your customer. Today it is used to describe IT systems and software designed to help you manage this relationship.

CRM (customer relationship management) software is enterprise software that covers a broad set of applications and software to help businesses manage customer data and customer interactions, access business information, run reports, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner relationships.

CRM software is an innovative, cost effective way to work. Businesses using CRM software will enjoy an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs associated with developing effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies.

2. What are the benefits of a CRM System?

Our CRM System Software features includes but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining database for all customer, contact, opportunity and activity information
  • Helping generate leads and opportunity management from lead through the sale
  • Improving customer service through timely management of all issues
  • And lots more!

We provide full-featured, flexible and customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions to provide you with the competitive edge your company needs.

3. Who does Nevpro use to host a client’s CRM software?

Nevpro’s cloud CRM (hosted) solution is hosted on Bitrix allowing you to enjoy the many additional features. We deliver a highly available, reliable and secure hosted CRM package.

4. How much time is needed for implementation?

CRM Software implementation depends on many factors including the level of customization and data migration.

5. What if I require technical Support?

We provide support and training to help you make most of the CRM Software for your company.

6. How do I migrate my data into this CRM?

Whether you are migrating from a different CRM software provider or implementing one for the first time, our technical experts will ensure that the implementation is smooth and successful.

Offered as a cloud or on-premise deployment, this browser-based CRM application automates the sales, marketing and customer services areas of your company, delivering the power to create, cultivate and grow outstanding relationships.Our customised customer relationship management software is an innovative, cost-effective way to work. You’ll enjoy an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs associated with developing effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies.

Our CRM software solutions specializes in assisting mid-market companies with sales, marketing, marketing automation, customer service and contact center functions.

  • Nevpro is dedicated to providing organisations with easy-to-use, quick to implement, cost-effective CRM solutions that enable you to better serve your customers and prospects.
  • Primary focus of our CRM business solutions: Sales, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Contact Center
  • The CRM is offered as in a cloud/hosted CRM environment as well as on-premise (on-site).
  • We have implemented a number of customer service management systems and are leading partners of Bitrix, the top CRM Software.
  • Nevpro’s customer relationship management software is more than just a software application. It forms the heart and soul of an organization’s technology.

7. What makes Nevpro’s CRM unique?

Here are just a few of the ways we stand out from the competition:

  • Comprehensive bitrix crm providing you with many tools and features.
  • Option of both Cloud CRM or On-Premise CRM.
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Fast and secure implementation.
  • Best support and training
  • Official and trusted Partner of Bitrix

What is BI?

1. What is a BI Solution?

Business Intelligence is a technology driven process which transforms raw source data into useful information for Analysis and future prediction purpose. BI Solution such as Pentaho have the ability to handle and process large amount of structured or unstructured data to strategize new Business methodologies using varied bi tools.

With the evolution of social media and large networking sites like youtube and Facebook, data warehousing and business intelligence role has grown ever more in recent years so as to allow one to easily interpret these large volumes of data.

The sole purpose of business intelligence systems is to allow easy interpretation of these large volumes of data.Finding opportunities and implementing an easy-going and self-driven strategy which is based on detailed insights can provide any kind of business with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.For historical, current and predictive views of business operations utilizing bi solution is the way to move forward. Reporting, OLAP, data mining, process mining, complex event processes, business performance management, benchmarking, predictive and prescriptive analytics are some common functions of bi solution.

2. What Benefits will I get from a BI Solutions?

  • The ever increasing need to integrate data from multiple applications or data sources.
  • The necessity to access relevant business data quickly and efficiently.
  • Increasing volume of users requiring and accessing information and more end-users requiring analytical capabilities
  • Rapid company growth or a recent or pending merger/acquisition
  • Introduction of new products.

We provide full-featured, flexible and customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions to provide you with the competitive edge your company needs.

3. How much time is needed for implementing BI Solution?

Implementation of BI Solution depends on many factors including data migration and other resources.

4. What if I require technical Support?

We provide all the training and support that you may require with using and implementing the bi tools. Our IT Expert would help you with the implementation.

What is a POS Software?

1. What is a POS Software?

POS software is what brick and mortar retailers use to conduct sales. It’s sometimes a cash register, computer, or even an iPad where cashiers input your products, tally the cost, and conduct the financial transaction. Most POS software will also communicate with inventory levels to keep everything in balance.

2. What are the benefits of POS System?

A POS System allows retailers to manage virtually every aspect of their retail business, in store or remotely. It helps retailers to quickly and efficiently perform sales transactions, inventory management, add new products, receive products, track employee hours, order products, and more. POS utilizes technology to securely store and access the client’s retail sales and inventory data in a “real-time” environment, allowing retailers to access concise data about any of their stores.

3. Why go for Nevpro’s POS over other traditional types of POS systems?

Most Point of Sale programs fall into one of two categories – software based or internet based.
Software based POS solutions are currently the most used, but are fading fast. They have several disadvantages when compared to internet based POS technologies. Software solutions in a multi-location environment often require nightly data transfers to sync data between all or some of the locations. During the time between syncs, accurate or up to date information may be difficult to obtain from location to location. Software solutions, many times also require upgrades for new versions of their software, which can be inconvenient and frustrating for its users.

Internet based solutions are quickly gaining in popularity because they address many of the inconveniences of their POS software counterparts. They do have a couple issues of their own to overcome. Internet based solutions are completely reliant on an internet connection, if a retailer loses internet for any reason their business stops until a connection can be restored. Performance of the internet POS solution can also be heavily reliant upon the internet connection speed.

The unique construct of our POS Solution provides the speed and performance of traditional software solutions, while offering the level of accessibility and real-time processing that a Internet solution provides.
By combining both software and internet technologies, we provide your business with a very effective tool to help it grow and reach next level.

4. What types of stores can your POS Solution be used for?

Our POS Softwares can be used for virtually any type, and any size retail environment. We would recommend you to fill this form to contact us so that our experts could suggest you the best and help you make the most of our POS Solutions. We customise and make it better accommodate your market or niche.

5. Will I need any hardware with your POS Solution?

We can help you with POS hardware that works right out of the box, or you might find that Odoo POS works perfectly with what you’ve already got.

Complete Business Solution: ERP, CRM, BI, POS

Nevpro Business Solutions, also called as NBS or simply – “Nevpro”, started by providing Enterprise Solutions to SME and large enterprises in India and Abroad. Our expertise lies in providing Cloud based Enterprise Solutions to our customers. These solutions not only eliminates the hassles of maintaining a strong on-premise infrastructure for the customer but also increases overall productivity by having the solution accessible from remote locations having internet connectivity. Our list of solutions offerings include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence Tools (BI) and Point of Sales (POS) Softwares and Hardwares.


Nevpro has evolved over the years and provides affordable ERP solutions for SMEs around the world. Since inception, our primary focus was always on providing a complete package of solutions to our end-customers so that our customers could seamlessly channelize all their time & efforts into developing their business, leaving their entire IT operations to us.

Our Cloud Based Industry Specific Business Solution

  • Edunage – Education Management System
  • FactERI – Manufacturing Management Solution
  • Eramys – Restaurant Management System

Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.

Our Clients

We are a truly customer oriented organization, offering unparalleled web solutions to the clients. For providing the clients their desired services, we have employed a team of trained computer professionals, who are proficient on working any platform and operating system. These professionals work in close cooperation with each other deploying latest technology and develop a compatible solution that can work on any platform.


Latest News



  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • Company and Personal Email accounts
  • Security
  • Email Folders (Inbox.Outbox.Drafts etc)
  • Sending of Mails via SMTP (SMTP SSL also supported)
  • Reception of Mails (IMAP and POP3) With SSL and Folders for IMAP supported
  • Simple one point Template designer which automatically updates system. No extra config req.
  • Automatic Email feature on workflow stages.

Download Powermail

For OpenERP 7.0

The PowerMail Module has been Modified by “Nevpro Business Solutions Pvt Ltd” for Odoo 8.0 Power Email – extends the most Powerfull open source ERP with email which powers the world today.

Restrict Multiple Sign in for Same User

The security aspects of odoo mentioning that a user with proper credentials could login from multiple machines / devices at the same time. This, according to them, should not be allowed within the ERP system. If a user has already logged in, the ERP should not allow another login attempt from the same userid, until the user has logged off from his existing session or the lifetime of the user session (which has been made to 2 minutes) has expired. If the session is active (browser of the user is not closed, user is still working on the system), the expiry date of the cookie will keep on getting incremented. By default.

Odoo stores session details at the client side, in this module we have made the session details to be managed at the server side.s

The Restrict Multiple Sign in for Same User Module has been Developed by “Nevpro Business Solutions Pvt Ltd” for Odoo 8.0 Module to Restrict Multiple Sign in for Same User in Odoo.


We’r Hiring
PHP Developer

PHP Developer

Full Time CBD Belapur

“Nevpro” is one of the fast growing IT company with customer base in India,Europe & Middle east.
We provide business solutions to automate their existing manual process.

These solutions not only improve the overall performance of the business entitybut also assures of a faster return on investments making us an obvious choice as IT Software solution vendors.

  • Atleast 1.5- 2 .5yr development experience in PHP with Magento or Opencart
  • Experience on open source applications viz. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, E-Commerce
  • Need to have development experience in basic usage of AJAX, jQuery
  • Ability to analyze user needs, technical specifications
  • Must be willing to travel to customer locations for training and Demo.
  • 2 to 4 Years
  • Graduation is required only Good Communication & convincing skill would added advantage
  • Good Communication & convincing skill
  • Best In the Industry
  • C.B.D. Belapur (Navi Mumbai)

Odoo Developer

Odoo Developer

Full Time CBD Belapur

“Nevpro” is one of the fast growing IT company with customer base in India,Europe & Middle east.
We provide business solutions to automate their existing manual process.

These solutions not only improve the overall performance of the business entitybut also assures of a faster return on investments making us an obvious choice as IT Software solution vendors.

  • 2 to 4 years of experience in Odoo/Open ERP development.
  • Strong knowledge of Core Python and programming concepts.
  • Design and develop Odoo apps(new module development , customization)
  • Develop application/features that affect everyday life.
  • Working knowledge of PostgresSQL , Unix/Linux
  • Must be willing to travel to customer locations for training and Demo.
  • 2 to 4 Years
  • Graduation is required only Good Communication & convincing skill would added advantage
  • Good Communication & convincing skill
  • Best In the Industry
  • C.B.D. Belapur (Navi Mumbai)

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